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Unspecific Kidney Pain

By way of history, I am a 47-year-old woman with a history of renal cell carcinoma.  I had my first calcium oxalate stone at age 35 in my right kidney.  The KUB done for the kidney stone and right kidney pain revealed a large tumor encapsulated in a membrane in my left kidney, so in that respect I was glad to have the stone.  I underwent a left nephrectomy with no other follow-up treatment for the cancer and have been cancer-free since then.  
In the ensuing years, I have had a chronic problem with calcium oxalate stones.  This past year has been particularly bad, and this past fall I was having stone removal procedures almost every month, either Holmium laser or lithotripsy.
Whew, so much for history.
My question is this:
I frequently have aches and twinges in my right kidney.  They are intermittent and last sometimes for a couple of days or an afternoon.  Of course, when the pain is intense it's always wound up to be a stone.  But when the pain is  not intense (only a 3 or 4 on the pain scale) and goes away after a bit, what could be causing it?  Could it be a small stone that I pass undetected?  It's really more of an ache than a stabbing "stone" pain, although once in a while I get a "stab" that's breath-taking but only lasts for a second.  Are there any other conditions that could cause such discomfort and sensations?  I've asked my urologist and really haven't gotten more than some vague medical-ese.  Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
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Does the pain appear after you have been lying down or reclining for some time? If yes, it would be consistent with passing a renal stone.
Since you have these recurrent stones, it could be possible that you have hyperoxaluria. If your health care provider has mentioned the term to you, you can read up more on the lifetyle and dietary changes you can incorporate to minimize the occurrence of stones at the following link.


Some basic measures include:
   drinking plenty of fluids every day, in excess of 2000cc.
  Always void urine as soon as you feel the urge. Do not try to hold it.
If you have any UTIs make sure that they are treated completely.
Avoid a diet rich in oxalates.

DO keep us posted with your doubts and progress.
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