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Urinary problems and ED after suspected infection 2.5 months ago

Hi, I am a 20-year-old male.

Immediately after unprotected oral sex 2.5 months ago, I felt a burning sensation in my urethra. Over the following days, new symptoms appeared: frequent urination, urgency, cloudy urine with an unusual smell, and nocturia. At one point, I wet the bed. I had to strain to urinate at times, even when I had extreme urgency, and the urine would dribble out.

Over time, most symptoms dissipated (especially the smelly/cloudy urine), but even now, 2.5 months later, I have the following symptoms:
- Frequent urination and urgency
- Poor sleep and fatigue
- Moderate erectile dysfunction (never experienced before)
- Glans of the penis feels more irritation than pleasure when rubbed

Urinalysis and STI tests are all negative. A physical exam showed no signs of inflammation in the prostate or epididymis. I know for a fact something is still wrong, though.

Any idea what could be happening?
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