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From 26/12/2011 sharp pain started while urination. There was constant inflammation in the urinary trac. After consultation with doctor, I took L-Cin-500-10tab, Pyridium-20 tab, Alkamax syrup. I had ultrasound and urine culture & routine checkup. Nothing abnormal was observed. The pain while urination subsided. However, during erection of the penis, acute pain occurrs at its front portion. Then I consulted another Senior Surgeon who inspected my penis and observed that a small node was there at one place. Location of this node is at the where covering skin separates from the upper portion of the penis i.e. where from circumcision is done. Doctor advised me not to worry and prescribe Urotel-Xl4. Situation didn't improve. My penis bent towards right in the front portion and starts paining near the top portion during erection. Then I consulted another Surgeon Doctor who was MS with DNB(Urology). He also saw my urine test and Ultrasound result. He also remarked that nothing abnormal was there in those results. However, he remarked that disease of causing of curving of my penis  and paining hasn’t been identified till now. However, he   advised me these medicines: Lyrica-75, Alfoo and Immunace Forte. I am taking these medicines since two and half months but problem has quite subsided in respect of pain but bending of penis during erection still persists. What should I do?
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Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine what the bending could be due to. It could be related to underlying subcutaneous fibrosis (peyronie’s) or due to other issues such as infections/ inflammations, psychological issues etc. As long as there are no functional incapabilities, this may not be something to be worried about; though you may consider an evaluation by a urologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
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