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Viral urethritis?

Hi. My fiance has had severe urinary urgency for about 8 days now. The only symptom is the very intense urgency, although the pressure to go is very painful. It does not hurt to urinate, and going to the bathroom does not relieve or alter the urgency.

Primary care provider tested and did a culture for UTI, both came back negative. Completed a course of Bactrin. Subsequent ER visit had another round of negative urine tests (although revealing nitrates), along with ultrasound, CT scan, and pelvic exam. All negative. Was put on Cipro for 4 days.

Visit to urologist a few days later led to a diagnosis of urethritis because of the lower location of the pressure/pain. Cipro changed to nitrofurantin for 30 days.

After a few days of this new antibiotic, there is still zero change in the underlying symptom. Other meds very slightly reduce the symptoms, but the underlying condition is remaining the same.

She is not sexually active nor has she ever been (although the ER did decide to test for STDs despite our saying this. Negative of course.).

Does the absence of any bacteria mean this could be viral urethritis, or is there any other possibility? Is there anything we can do other than "wait and see"? This is driving her crazy. How long should this last?
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