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Watery semen

In mid march i experienced backpain so i went to a doctor and he gave me one injection and one tablet. And then Lockdown happened and on april 1st i noticed bloody semen discharge while masturbating first tym in my lyf. I have consulted an urologist and he gave me some medicines (alfoo,  dolo,  dutas, doxy) and tests to be done which i took almost 15days, upon my backpain and abdominal pain got reduced.

Till one month i haven't masterbated and i was also developed new symtoms which is pain in my left testes (for which i was taking dolo only once in a day)  mostly in the evening and slight sensitiion in my penis along with that my eyes are becoming red sometimes in the evening . After these pain n all got also reduced. yesterday i thought to check whether all okay but I experienced some sort of pain while masturbating and atlast faced this watery semen discharge. I am very much worried now as due to Lockdown i am not being able to go to hospital and worried about this.

Please help me sir.
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Have you ever been sexually active with another person, including oral sex?

So it sounds like he's treating you for an inflamed or infected prostate, which is known as prostatitis.

Alfoo is Alfuzosin, which is used for treating inflamed prostates.

Doxy is doxycycline, which is an antibiotic.

Dutas is Dutasteride, which also treats inflamed prostates.

Dolo is a pain reliever, which contains an opioid (hydrocodone) and acetaminophen (paracetamol). This is a strong pain reliever, and can be addictive.

When he originally gave you the shot and 1 pill, it sounds like he was treating you for gonorrhea and chlamydia, though I can't be sure without knowing what meds they were.

If you had chlamydia, the 1 pill you took might not be enough to cure it, depending on the strength of it. What is the strength of the doxy you are taking, and how often are you taking it?

Has your doctor done any testing, or is he just giving you meds?
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