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can reconstruction of the vesical sphincter reverse turp dry orgasm

It is a year after having a turp(trans urethral resection of the prostate)performed on me.  It seems i am not alone in not having even adequate orgasms and release of sexual tension coincidental with turp induced permanent dry orgasm(retrograde ejaculation, or re for short).  Most of the posts I read hear and other forums, men who have had TURP are very depressed and angry.  And many had urologist like mine who never told them that they would have re or dry orgasm.  I was told that reconstruction of the vesical sphincter may allow me to ejaculate semen out of penis again.  I would like to know if this may be worthwhile in looking into or any other implants, surgeries, genetic treatments, etc that would give me a normal ejaculation again.  

Immediately after TURP urine flow was strong but not long.  An appointment with another urologist since told me I probably never had an enlarge prostate but have a "shot" or neurogenic, etc bladder.  I have to self catheter like before but at least prior to turp I could still have an adequate wet orgasm.  I wish I never had the TURP orperation.

I would be most grateful for any replies from patients or doctors at medhelp or elsewhere
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Hi there!

Retrograde ejaculation is a common complication after TURP and is unlikely to be controlled by medications. Though there are a few recently developed surgeries that may help improve, these may or may not be successful. I would suggest consulting a urologist preferably at a university/ teaching hospital, for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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It was a urologist at a notable university/teaching hospital.  My local urologist prior, would never talk to me, would only rx 30 intermittant catheters per month, and i had irritation constantly i could not even take a walk.  So out orf desperation I may of done the right thing by contacting a famous university medical center.  I think the tragic mistake was to ask for for the first urologist available.  I know now that one has to do his research on who are the best urologists at any medical center.  This guy was done right nasty, would not give me the time of day, and said i needed TURP.  He never told me beforehand that I would have permanent dry orgasm.  And it seems that urologists in general minimize the devastating effects of permanent dry orgasms.  I am in so much tension because my dry orgasms just make my tension increase.  i feel suicidal.

I have heard that some males prostates regrow after prostate surgery. Is this a functioning prostate or non functional tissue?

Could you please list some of these new surgeries that might bring back some relief post turp permanent dry orgasm.

I would be most grateful for another reply

btw, I have read that with genetic treatment that they can regrow a working prostate in lab animals.  why can't this be done for men?
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