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im confused

in my vagina ive notice i have a big bump on the side of my skin the size a golf ball is that normal ive asked my friends and they dont know please help me
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I'm not a gyno. I think you should see one. Don't be ashamed. Ask a friend to go with you.

Good luck. ;)
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How old are you?

For how long has this lump been present?

Is there any previous history of trauma in the area?

Have you had any previous abdominal or pelvic surgeries before?

Is the lump red, painful and are there any associated symptoms like vaginal discharge?

Have you had any history of fever or any infections?

Some differentials will be a hematoma secondary to trauma, a Bartholin's cyst abscess which may be associated with pain and tenderness and when severe may present with fever. A hernia and vaginal prolapse may also be differentials. I suggest that you seek immediate consult with a gynecologist. A Bartholin’s abscess may need to be drained and may require intake of oral medications. Other causes may require surgical intervention. It is best to be assessed immediately for prompt management of your condition.
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im 16 and it has been there a while but it has gotten bigger and i have bladern infections alot and i had a surgery when i was in 3rd grade and it was for bladern reflex
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