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Vitamin D Dosage High?

Hello, I have recently been seeing my GP about my anxiety and possible depression and he decided to do some blood tests for Vitamin D, Thyroid function etc. And the results shown me to be deficient in Vitamin D and so he perscribed me 20,000 IU colecalciferol 500mcg. I am just abit confused with the dosage I should be taking, on the label it says 5 capsules each day for 3 days! This seems like a very high dosage but I am not too sure. Also, what happens after 3 days as he has only perscribed me 15 capsules?

Thank you.
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I would start on a lower dose and work up. You need to take D3 for longer than 3 days and also supplement with magnesium.

5,000 a day for a few days to see how you feel then go a little higher. I personally could not take more than 10,000IU daily.

I also took Vitamin K2 to direct calcium in my body so it would not be deposited into arteries. Vitamin D will make calcium more useable so the excess has to go somewhere. You need to stay well hydrated so the excess calcium will be flushed from your body.

You need magnesium daily to balance your calcium. magnesium is a cofactor for enzymes that help convert vitamin d metabolites
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The RDA was miscalculated according to peer-review and needs to be closer to 10 000 IU daily (of vitamin D3).

As for getting to sufficient levels, 20 000 IU is perfectly fine.
It's quite safe to take long term even.
But, personally, I'd take 20 000 IU daily for about 45 days and then reduce to 10 000 IU daily for maintenance.
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