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White fingernails pattern no lunula

I've had this white band that appears only on my index and middle fingers for a few months now (see pic). Also, the lunula on all my fingernails is becoming misshaped and smaller and smaller and it's completely gone on a few fingernails. Should I see a doctor?
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I have the same nails.  My medical conditions are listed as possible reasons for disappearing lunula moons - hypothyroidism and vitamin B12 deficiency. I have corrected my B12 but my hypothyroid issues continue...the drama~! lol Not sure about the white section is due to but could be related to thyroid. Do you have any symptoms?
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It is due to deficiency of vitamins and calcium in your body, so it is good if you take protein in your food.

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Hypothyroidism is the conclusion I came to after literally a couple of months of trying to diagnose myself (I really don't like going to the doctor). I went as far as to order self test urinalysis kits for kidney/liver damage and diabetes. I almost surely ruled out a B12 deficiency early on when I starting peeing bright neon urine which is a sign of excess vitamin B.

So, I ordered 3 supplements a couple weeks ago to deal with the hypothyroidism. Iodine (kelp), selenium, and acetylcysteine. They have already made a big and obvious difference in my mood and well being, more than any other supplement I've taken so far, and I feel more "normal" than I have in a long time. But... my nails still have these weird white patterns.

Just fyi, I take about 200mcg iodine together with 100mg of selenium and 1000mg of acetylcysteine once daily. Messing around with hormones is powerful stuff, though, I really should get officially tested for a hypothyroidism.
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err, 100 mcg selenium
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I'm so over doctors myself. Seen way too many and was undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. Thankfully we have the net eh? :)

The bright yellow urine is from excess riboflavin (B2). If you have vitamin B12 deficiency, it is usually due to some condition causing malabsorption. In the case of hypothyroidism, the reason is low stomach acid.  

An interesting video to check out on youtube: Four Ways To Diagnose Hypothyroidism - Dr. Hotze's - Health & Wellness Solutions.
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