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3 weeks dieting and still no weight loss!!!

My doctor gave me celevac to help me lose weight, but i am thinking of stopping them already after just a week.  They store the water in your body so not sure if this is why i've not lost anything this week.  My calories all last week were between 1300 and 1500 per day and i was exercising on my kinect and had a day of Zumba.  AF started this morning though and i feel really gassy and bloated, i'm hoping this is the reason i haven't had a weight loss yet.

I only ever drink water i can't remeber the last time i had a sugary drink, tea or coffee.  I'm at a loss, if i don't lose anything this week i don't know what my next movement is going to be.  anyone any ideas?

My daily eating plan is

30g cereal normally 111cals and 0.9g fat
yoghurt normally 96 cals and 0.5g fat
chicken salad normally 250 cals 2.5g fat
snack a jacks 91cals 1.7g fat
hot chocolate 40cals 0.5g fat
chicken 250g about 320cals
salad again or veg usually another 200cals all in
4 crispbreads 97cals
1tbsp jam 44cals

and thats all, can i change any of the above?  anyone any ideas?
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You should change some of your meals.  If you keep your calorie intake the same all the time, your body gets used to it.  You can drink fat free milk in place of the yogurt, or have a piece of fat free cheese.  Try tuna salad in place of the chicken salad; try fish in place of the chicken, etc.  Your diet doesn't have to stay the same every day, in fact, you should vary your calorie intake by 100 or so calories at least once/week (i.e.  increase by 200 for a day, then decrease by 200 the next day)

I'm sorry, I don't recall your current weight, but I'm wondering if 1300-1500 calories/day is enough for you.  Your body might be in "starvation mode".

I did a quick research on celevac - it's a bulking agent that can help reduce your appetite.  The site I read, says it can take several days to work, maybe longer for some; therefore, you may need to give it more time.  Are you making sure you drink enough water with it?  Are you constipated?  That will make you feel gassy and bloated.  

Keep up with the exercise, but make sure you vary that, as well.  Doing the same thing(s) every day, lets your body get used to it, so it's no longer a challenge.  
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The eating plan was only an example of a typical day, my meals change from day to day which is why i have between 1300-1500 calories per day.  I weigh 15stone 4lbs, and i drink pints of water all day long.  I'm not constipated as i have been able to go to the loo quite regularly.  The only thing i can this of is because my period has started today as i normally feel bigger when they are due.

i only have milk with cereal or tea as i don't like to drink it on it's own it makes me sick.  I'm going to see how i go till the end of Feb on my own and if there is no further progress i'm joining a diet class again.

Thanks for the help!!!
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