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Good Workout Plan or No?

I posted a question a week or two ago asking about whether it was ok for me to start weight training during my fat loss fitness plan. Dr. Beckerman told me that it wasn't a bad idea, so this is what I cam up with. Please give me your feedback and suggestions.
Chest and Cardio
- Bench Press   3(sets) x 12-15(reps)
- Incline Dumbell Press   3 x 12-15
- Flys   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins on cardio + 5 min cool down
- 50 mins of cardio + 10 min cool down
Legs and Cardio
- Squats or Lunges (Alternate Weekly)   3 x 12-15
- Leg Extensions   3 x 12-15
- Leg Curls   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down
- 50 mins of cardio + 10 mins of cool down
Back and Cardio
- Lat Pull Down   3 x 12-15
- Seated Cable Row   3 x 12-15
- Back Extensions   3 x 12-15
- 35 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down
Abs and Cardio
- Crunches   3 x 20-25
- Leg Lifts   3 x 20-25
- Trunk Twist   3 x 20-25
- Bicycle   3 x 20-25
(this ab workout will vary weekly based on my progress)
- 40 mins of cardio + 5 min cool down

Keep in mind that my main goal is to lose 100 lbs total of FAT. That is why cardio is still a main part of my workout. I have lost about 35lbs since I started my cardio regiment but I want to make sure I dont get that flabby loose skin once I am losing fat. That is why I am starting a mild workout plan that will help tone the muscles under the skin and fat. I will slowly ease into more weight lifting as the fat to muscle ratio becomes more even. The reason I chose this workout is because it targets the biggest muscle areas on the body (Chest, Back, Legs, and abs). Once I lose more fat, i will start branching off into smaller subsets of each category and target other muscles more specifically.

My questions is: Is this a good workout to start off with? Should I do the split muscle routine and let the muscles rest more or should I target all groups each time i do a weight training effort?
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The plan you mention sounds like a fit plan for someone who has been doing regular exercise in a gym.  Have you?  What exercise have you been doing up till now?

100 pounds is a lot of weight to lose and you need to have some balance from where you are beginning to where you are going.  If you've not been exercising and are proposing this plan, then I respectfully feel it is too much too fast and too long.  If you have been exercising all along, then ok.  

May I suggest you take one other day in the week to "rest" as that is when your muscles regenerate.  And, perhaps consider adding in some different types of exercise .. something different .. like bicycling, walking, jumping rope, swimming, tennis, soccer, badminton, bowling, ice skating, canoeing, dancing, aerobics .. something to change it up.  It is called muscle confusion and keeps your body guessing and burning calories at peak performance.

Love your spirit and your determination and know YOU CAN DO THIS and ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!!!  Thank YOU for sharing this plan with all of us as I plan on incorporating some of it into my regimen as well.  

Look forward to your continuing progress and updates .. we're all interested in how you are doing!

Very best wishes for your health and success!!!!   WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!
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i think its a good plan to but you may want to loose your wight that you are wanting to loose and then start with the weights and all that but thats just what i think but if a  docter told you that it was a good plan go for it
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Hi there :)

I am a certified personal trainer at a very well known gym.  I have a B.S. in Wellness, Health Promotion, and Injury Prevention with a minor in Exercise Science.  A combination of cardio & resistance training is ABSOLUTELY the most effective way to lose fat and improve your metabolism.  Good idea to get started with some resistance training!

The workout you listed is more suited for a person who has been doing resistance training for at least 16 weeks.  The best and most effective way to start a resistance training routine is by doing a full body workout 2 to 3 days per week.  In this workout, you should be doing one exercise for each major muscle group.  You want to do 1 to 3 sets of each exercise (max), and do 15 to 20 repititions per set.  By the last rep, you should reach momentary muscle failure (you should be unable to complete the last rep, or it should be almost impossible).  This is how you will choose your weight for each exercise.  

Also, make sure you're challenging your balance (for example you can do bicep curls on 1 leg), coordination (for example a step up to a shoulder press/or a squat with a curl and a shoulder press), and including core exercises.  During the first 4 to 8 weeks of embarking upon a resistance training program, the first things to adapt will be your balance, coordination, and core strength.  Stick with the full body workouts for the first 4 to 8 weeks, then you can progress to a more advanced routine.  Ultimately, starting slow like this will make your program more effective in the long run.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I appreciate all of your help, concern, and motivation. As of today I just hit -50lbs. So i am half way to my ultimate goal of -100lbs. This is a huge thing for me as Ive been Fat and out of shape since I left high school and stopped playing football (about 5 years ago). I am extremely proud of myself as ive never even come close to losing 50 lbs. This only adds to the ongoing motivation and support that i have been receiving from my family, friends, and this support community. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to address any of my questions, and thanks especially for those who have offered some word of motivation and encouragement. I will keep you updated as more things come about.

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