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Sunday Weigh in August 20, 2023

Good morning.  How is everyone doing today?  I hope you're having a good day, so far.  

My week has been pretty busy, but also quiet.  I'm pretty much done with doctor's appointments for the time being.  My hand/arm is doing very well from the carpal/cubital tunnel surgeries.  The incisions remain quite tender, but don't keep me from doing what I want.  My eyes are doing great from the laser surgery and driving at night is no longer a scary thought.  

So - that means I feel pretty well, for the most part, though I'm still dealing with severe tiredness/fatigue.  I did have a couple of blood tests that came back with low RBC, which the NP at my doctor's office says is not an issue because it's not low enough.  I tend to disagree with that.  They have reference ranges for a reason and results outside the ranges, warrant further investigation.  Since I can't get a lot of blood work on my own, I decided to buy some iron and see if that will make a difference.  I just got it and it will take time for it to "kick in".

The heat has been oppressive and we're still getting heat indexes in the area of 115°.  Just too hot (and dangerous) to do anything outside.  That leaves me inside working on calligraphy practice and projects, which does not entail physical activity.   Of course, house work counts, but that's minimal these days.

Another thing I've considered is that lack of activity can also cause tiredness, so I have to come up with a plan to get moving and stick to it.  Of course, when my winter neighbor comes back, we'll start walking every day again, but I need to be in better shape before she gets here or I'll never keep up.  

So - my weight has fluctuated, as usual this week - up a pound, down a pound, up 2 pounds, down 1 pound... you get the idea.  I weighed yesterday and was exactly the same as last week.  This  morning when I stepped on the scale it was up by 2 pounds.  I did not eat 7000 calories overnight, so we know it has to be fluid.   I did eat some cheese curls yesterday, so that would have contributed.

Anyway, this week, I will be adding "some" type of exercise, while I wait for it to cool off enough to get out and walk, work in my shop, etc.

That's my story - how did you do this week?  New exercises?  Diet?  I hope you were able to meet/exceed your goal(s).  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I'm up a half pound, but seem to be up and down like you, Barb. I haven't missed going to Pilates since beginning it; I now go 4 times a week. So maybe I've put on a little bit of muscle already, or maybe it's just that I drink a lot of lemonade when I get home! :-) I don't count on Pilates for weight loss but for strengthening muscles and bones. If that's happening, it's an OK tradeoff.

We've got some appointments still on the list -- dentist, vet, and car maintenance. Son's are scheduled for before the school year begins, and mine are kind of tucked in around the edges. Luckily, most of them are pretty close to home. When school starts, it's time to paint the kitchen. I've had a sample of the paint for a year, and until it's done we can't do a couple of other things the kitchen needs.

A charming little 1920s cottage came up for sale in our neighborhood and was having an open house, so my husband and I dropped in. I guess rising interest rates might make homebuyers more doubtful, but this one is a cutie, and well maintained, so should sell. There are a lot of little houses built in the 1920s and 1930s in this area, originally factory workers and mill workers lived in them. They have tiny closets, tilting floors, small inconvenient kitchens -- but when someone has taken the time over them and updated them just enough for modern life without changing their overall style, they are really appealing, especially as starter or empty-nest homes. If I had another column or two on my bank balance, I'd go into the makeover business. (Good thing I don't ... it's probably a good way to make a large fortune into a small one. But wouldn't it be fun to rescue the charming ones?)

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Definitely bouncing around on the weight. I weighed three times this morning because it was a surprise, I'm down 1 1/2 pounds from yesterday. Maybe it's time to change the battery in the scale!
Sorry to hear you're up 1/2 lb, but you're right that the Pilates will build muscle.  Since muscle is denser than fat, you could still be losing fat.  I agree that gaining strength/muscle is a great trade off.  You've been concerned about a "tummy pooch", so maybe the Pilates will help build tummy muscles and eliminate the "pooch"

I hope all the doctor's appointments are routine and nothing serious going on with anyone.  Presumably, your son hasn't started school yet?  Our schools are currently in their 2 or 3 week, already.  

I hope the kitchen painting turns out well.  I'd like to update my kitchen - cabinets and flooring are 20 yrs old, but husband isn't interested, at this point.  I've planted the seed and when it's his idea, we'll get it done!!  

The little cottage sounds pretty cool.  I love looking at houses like that.   The suggestion of going into the makeover business reminds me of a few years ago, I was visiting my sister in South Dakota.  We found a an old motel that had been abandoned (we thought).  We looked at a lot of the rooms and discussed how we could turn them into apartments, etc.   About a month after I was there, my sister called and said there was a sign out front saying that the motel was going to made into apartments.  IDK who had the  money to do that (we didn't...lol), but they're very pretty apartments, well taken care of, the property is landscaped...  Coulda been mine if I'd had more columns on my bank balance.   Buying properties and reselling them could be a good way to increase fortunes.  Yes, it would be so fun to be able to do something like that.  

So, we did our lawn mowing this morning and I seem to have sweated out 2 lbs...  I'm okay with that, but have no doubt that by tomorrow, I'll be back up again.  

I started doing some reading on "mindful eating".   Although I do need exercise to strengthen my muscles and bones, I think mindful eating is something worth looking into more.  

Enjoy your week.  
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