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Sunday Weigh in September 3, 2023

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I hope you're having a nice relaxed Labor Day weekend.  It's quiet here, so I guess that's a good day.

There hasn't been a lot going on lately.  I've been super busy with calligraphy, since our "season" starts again this month and we have several outreach projects, classes, and other events.   I'm going to be starting a class on painting with acrylics, which I'm looking forward to.  

Healthwise, I don't have any thing major going on - just the same old... fatigue, muscle cramps, etc.  I'm trying to implement an exercise routine that stresses stretching muscles because I'm thinking lack of exercise might be contributing to my cramps.  We'll see how that works.  

I did see my hand specialist again.  The scar on my palm from the surgery is very tender and she says I have scar tissue, so I'll be starting PT for that, this week, as well.   IDK how many times a week I'll have to do that, but it will last for 5-6 weeks.  

Weight wise, I've been all over the scale this week.  From last week's weight, I dropped 6 pounds, then went back up by 2, so that leaves a net loss of 4 pounds.  I'm pretty sure that was mostly fluid from the little trip we took for our anniversary and there was a abundance or riding and salty food.   Anyway, even if it was loss of fluid, I'll take it.  

We just got word yesterday that our neighbor, who lives in OR, and with whom I walk most days will be back here on Sept 26 for the winter.   I'll need to start walking a little bit over the next couple of weeks or I'll be lagging behind her all the time, since she's an avid walker, both here and in OR.   I'm looking forward to having her back again.  

So that's my week in a nutshell.  I'll take my 4 pound loss and enjoy while it sticks around!!  LOL  

How was your week?  I hope you were able to meet your goal(s) and look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Have a wonderful, safe Labor Day and successful week~~
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I've lost a half pound. Not complaining, it could have been the other way. My mom has died, we're on an irregular schedule (not eating regular meals, though sometimes big ones where we aren't paying attention to the calories) and we're doing odd things at odd times of day. It could have been worse.

Son is back in school, lots of activity there, and family gatherings are happening. I've stuck with the Pilates, I go 4 times a week (an hour at a time). No other way to describe it but just busy.

Barb, I've been told that scar tissue can be helped by massage. Maybe look into that if the PT doesn't help?

Have a great week.
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Oh, I'm sorry for the loss of your mom.  I know that's not an easy thing to deal with (my mom died when I was 23).  I'm sure no one is on a routine right now, so I'm sure meals are erratic to put it mildly.   Talking about doing odd things at odd times - my thing was baking chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night.  yep, I've done it more than once.

I hope your son is doing okay with school, so far.  Of course, under the circumstances, lots of family gatherings will be going on for a while.  

I'm impressed that you've kept up with your Pilates through it all.  Does that help ease stress of the circumstances at bit?  

Yes, my hand specialist said that massage can break up scar tissue, so I'm assuming that will be a major focus of my PT.  

I get that your week isn't going to be great, considering the loss of your mom, but I hope for it to be the best it can be.  
Love and ((hugz))
Yes on the family gatherings. My son missed a lot of them in the summer due to his irregular sleep patterns, so he and his cousin talked each other's ear off when we all met at my sister's for brunch yesterday. I was glad to see it, he's been too alone this summer.

The Pilates probably does help with stress, but the main thing is, it is early days for seeing results, and I *don't* want to give myself an excuse to stop. Any kind of new exercise routine is probably most vulnerable at the beginning when it's not routine. And to quote my mom, "I don't want to end up a weak old lady." I have to do some kind of exercise if I care about that. So I go, it's also been good because it takes me so far out of my normal day-to-day thoughts, I only think about what the teacher is telling us to do.

Good luck with the PT, I hope it works really well.
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