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Sunday Weigh in October 1, 2023

Good afternoon.  Sorry I'm posting so late - got side-tracked with other things this morning.  So how's everyone doing this week?  

This week wasn't "as" busy as some others, but busy enough.  I'll be doing Physical Therapy through this month and even though it's only an hour/time, it seems to make the whole day go wonky.  Aside from my PT sessions, I had a painting class, a study group (Zoom) and a couple of other things.  On top of all that, I tried to get in some calligraphy practice.  

The best part of the week was Thursday evening.  We went to the airport to pick our neighbors, returning from OR for the winter, so I now have my walking partner back.  We did yesterday and today and my shins are killing me!!  Not sure why walking gets my shins so much.   Of course, the pain will stop after I've walked a few days and my muscles get used to the routine, but it's difficult for right now.  

I've tried to get back to eating better/less, but in spite of that and the extra exercise, I've still gained a couple of pounds.  I'd been staying pretty steady, but for some reason, I'm on the uphill treck  again.  I know that walking will build muscles in my legs, back, etc but it won't have build much in just 2 days.  I know I've been eating more/saltier food, as well, so that's part of the problem.

Anyway, I have a doctor's appointment on the 12th, so I'm trying to get back on track and, at least, drop the "water weight".  

I hope your week went well and that you were able to reach your goals.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~  
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Oh, no, the tub was full. I had filled it (and it's a deep one) and turned away for a moment, and while my back was turned, ka-splash! It sounded like a large salmon had jumped into the tub. I looked below the water level to be sure the cat wasn't in the tub drowning, and then found him soaking wet, in the closet. Poor guy; usually cats are smart enough to avoid a filled tub. I wish I had seen what he was trying to do when he fell in.
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Hi, I'm also checking in later today. I weighed this morning, but can't find my weight record from last week -- we had guests and everything got put away, and I don't know where my calendar book is! If memory serves, I'm down  just barely -- within maybe 4 tenths of a pound from last week. I missed one Pilates class last week in order to do volunteer work at one of our community parks. Can't tell if digging dirt and pulling weeds at the park was better or worse exercise than Pilates, but at least it was an active substitute.

It's been a fraught week due to my son's school stress. He had a load of things to do in a hurry, and is actually kind of bad at judging how long things will take. Because he's already anxious, I don't demand he explain what he's doing and don't nag, but if it seems he isn't going to make deadlines, I worry and sleep poorly. He lost time in the last three weeks to being sick for two days, then to having to rush through a bunch of community-service hours for his Honor Society application, and then to doing catch-up homework. He's pretty down about the application, is sure he has a less than 50% chance of getting in (if that's true, that was a lot of time wasted that he needed for other things, but it's possible he's just being pessimistic). Tomorrow I think he'll tell me if he's caught up with everything; it's the last day for late work in one key class.

Our cats have been fun this last couple of days, one threw up an entire meal of lightly-chewed kibbles on our white bedcover when I was asleep in the bed, and one fell into the bathtub. Glad I have them for entertainment!

It's fall here, and that's pretty nice. We avoided a painful heat dome this summer and now it's getting to be rainy days.

Have a great week!

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I'm glad I'm not the only that "puts stuff away" when company comes and forgets where I put them...  lol    If you're within 0.4 lb of last week, you're doing well.  I can't figure out what's going on with me - I go down a couple of pounds and back up 5 pounds...  Missing one Pilates class isn't bad since you were participating in other physical activity.  

I'm sorry to hear your son is going through the anxiety and issues in school again this year.   He sounds like something of a perfectionist so it's hard to figure how long something will take when you want it to be "perfect".   Sorry to hear he was sick - I'm sure that produced more anxiety than usual.   Did he explain why he feel that he has such a slim chance of getting into the Honor Society?  If he's been keeping up with the requirements, he may be pessimistic.  Let's hope that's the case.

Oh my - sounds like a ton of entertainment to have a cat vomit their kibbles on any bed cover, let alone a white one!!  :-)  I hope there was no water in the bathtub when the other fell in.  

My neighbor and I have walked the past 3 days now - my shins are still very sore.  We both have some things going on over the next few days, so we'll take a break.  I hope my shins start feeling better and don't get too sore when we walk again!!  

Enjoy your week.  
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