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Sunday Weigh in August 6, 2023

Good morning.  I hope everyone has had a good week.  It's been terribly hot here, still, so most of the time is spent inside.  

I did go for my eye exam on Tuesday - thought they were going to do the laser surgery to remove a film that's developed, but nope - just did the exam and made an appointment to this Tuesday to do the actual surgery.   I'm hoping it really does help get rid of the halos and star-bursts around lights.  

Other than that, it's been pretty quiet.  I've been working on some calligraphy projects, but seem to be spinning my wheels a lot, for some reason.  

Anyway, my weight has been all over the scale this week.  I do step on the scale most days, but usually only record weight once.  So, for a couple of days, I stayed the same at last week, then suddenly dropped a bit, then bounced back up to 3 pounds heavier than last week.  Because my calories in/calories out don't vary that much, it has be fluid build-up/release.   I haven't weighed today, but yesterday I was up the 3 pounds.  Who knows??  Later today, I might be down 4 pounds!!   lol

I hope you had a good week and were able to meet your goals.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Well gee, Barb, when it's at its lowest, record it! lol

I forgot to weigh this morning, and then we went out to breakfast. Going out means a big breakfast. We had a bunch of different salads for dinner last night from the place that sells Coastal Kale salad (it was one of them), so probably the breakfast didn't do me a lot of harm, but I prefer to weigh before eating anything. Will weigh tomorrow morning. :-)

In Pilates, one of the instructors said that she could tell by watching me that one side was compensating for the other (presumably my right side compensates for my left), so along with the "flow" class two times a week, I've added a "balance" class two times a week. The balance-oriented class has the reputation of being people's favorite. I don't love exercise classes, but it's more motivating to go to one than to try to exercise alone, and of course any class will be good for me. I don't want to wind up a weak old lady with a bad heart, so I go.

We had a mini-crisis from the 2nd to the morning of the 5th, with one of our cats being gone. There are coyotes around, and we feared the worst. I posted on NextDoor and talked to the neighbors and walked the neighborhood calling for him about 100 times. Then a neighbor dropped me a note and said she had seen him on her Ring doorbell video from the prior night at 3:30 am. That was great, since it meant he was still alive. It also meant he was sheltering in place (he had gotten lost because the neighbor's husband had driven up their long, long driveway with our cat walking in front of him, trapped into staying on the driveway by thick brush on either side. Where he had last been seen was in their front yard.) Anyway, because he was seen at 3:30 am, and I've noticed that cats are pretty habitual about what they do at certain times of day, my son and I walked up at 3 am and sat in the neighbor's driveway, talked quietly and called to him and shook the kibbles bowl, and at about 3:45, darned if he didn't walk up the driveway to us, meowing, dusty, covered with burrs, with concave sides. We could hardly believe going there at that time of night had actually worked. The people on NextDoor and especially our neighbors were all so happy that it almost seemed like it was their cat that was found. Too many stories like this don't end well. It helps people's hearts when there's a happy ending.

Have a great week!

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LOL - I do try to record at the lowest times, but can't always catch it.  In fact, yesterday - after eating a large steak, baked potato, etc for lunch, I weighed 2 lbs less than the day before after eating very little.   I know this has to be fluid related, because, obviously, one can't lose 2 lbs of fat overnight.  It's just frustrating.  

Oh - your Pilates instructor is pretty observant.  It's good that she noticed the compensation and was able to give you some guidance.   What type of place has all these different classes?  I'm sure we have Pilates classes here, but have never heard of "balance classes".  I did have to go through balance training when I was in Physical Therapy for my frozen shoulder and for my peripheral neuropathy.   It did help and I still do some of the exercises I learned - just not as regularly as I should.  

I totally agree that going to a class is more motivating that exercising alone.  It seems like it sort of holds one accountable.  

I'm very sorry to hear about your cat, but it's good to know that the neighborhood came together to help find it.  It sounds like those Ring doorbells are quite handy to have.   I'm not sure about getting up at 3 am to sit in the neighbor's driveway to wait for the cat, but it's wonderful that it worked and you got your cat back, safe and sound, even though a bit bedraggled.  

I hope this week is less dramatic for you.  
Ha, yes, getting up in the night to go look for a cat is one of the more unique things I've ever done. But last year at almost this same time, we lost my son's beloved cat that was the kitten that got him through the year when we were all at home during the pandemic with him going to school online, and he was devastated for months about her loss. The cat we were looking for this time was more or less her replacement, and is a funny and unique guy in his own right. There would have been no peace for him if we hadn't found the cat. It was a perfectly lovely night, too; maybe we wouldn't have done it if it had been pelting with rain. (Though we might well have done it even so.) Anyway, we were pretty amused and pleased that the guess that cats have a sense of timing and do the same things at the same times of day, turned out to be correct. It really was almost surreal to have him show up 24 hours and 15 minutes after the sighting on the Ring video.

The Pilates place I go to is called Club Pilates. There might be one near you -- they have Florida locations. They have five or maybe six types of classes, some focusing on cardio, some on balance, some on "flow," and so forth. They even have a "boot camp" type for people who like to exercise hard, and a Pilates for Teenagers class. I like the group of ladies that go there, nobody is in perfect shape (it's not one of those gyms with loud rock music and everyone is a size 2) but everyone tries hard. They give a free half-hour class to anyone who wants to see how they would do with Pilates, and my husband and I went and did it. He said he gets as much from yoga as he would from Pilates (and why not -- he goes six times a week!) but I could see that if I was ever going to get exercising, (and I needed to), this was the way for me to try.

I weighed in this morning, and to my surprise I'm up a pound and a half. Given that I hardly ate when we were stressed over the lost cat, I didn't expect that! Back to more careful watching my food intake.

This week I'm paying bills and continuing the clean-out. My son sold two things on eBay last week, which seems to have broken the logjam for getting rid of valuable small stuff. More of that this week, I think.  :-)

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