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How can I lose weight fast ?

I'm a 13 year old girl who needs to lose some weight how can I do this I need help.?
I need healthy meals and exercises that can help within 4 1/2 weeks
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Hi Ashlee, The bad news is that there really  isn't a healthy way to lose weight fast.  Not if you want it to stay of and stay healthy!  The good news is that you  are so young that the habits you start now  will stay with you and you will see a change pretty quickly.  It's hard to tell you what to do not knowing what your habits AR now. But generically, you want to stay away from processed foods esp. Sugars!!! Use your carbs wisely and save them for days that you  are planning to be more active. Skip the soda... PERIOD. Diet soda is not good for you and can actually  cause you to gain more weight. Regular soda.. well, you know.  Stay away from juices as well. Lots of sugar that your body doesn't need.  Drink water. Lots of it. If you're  like me and not a huge fan. .. you can throw in a bit ot lemon.. or get the fizzy stuff that has no sweeteners.  Watch your portions. Remember, what fits into the palm  of your hand is a serving. Vyea I  know.. doesn't seem like much. But when you  get  used to it not so bad.  5 to 6 small meals a say.. a meal being an apple with a half glass of skim milk.   As far as the exercise plan... I  don't know what you  are  doing now. I  am a personal trainer  and what I tell my clients is to find something they love to do. Exercise  should be FUN. You should want to do it.  I am a big fan of martial arts and boxing.  It increases flexibility and is amazing cardio. And great for when you in a bad mood!  This is something that you  need to do with a trainer though.. no injures needed.  Plan on working out a minimum of 3 days a week to start. For about an hour.  You should be breaking a sweat. But don't feel beat up after your work out. If something hurt s when you are exercising STOP.  Hope this helps. If you have any questions.  Feel free to ask. Good luck!
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At your age the only thing you can do is to eat all your food made in your house..and take it with you to school or wherever you go..just don't eat packed food like chips chocolate stuff etc- it's ok to eat one now and then but try to eat mostly your mum's food and fruits and veggies,don't skip breakfast and eat all kinds of foods or at least try.. as for exercising the best for you is working outdoors with a trainer(at a stadium maybe-if you have) or even better learn swimming! Its the best to build a healthy and strong body from early age so it will be easier from you in the future!!
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I saw that you wanted to lose weight in a 4 1/2 weeks. . You'd better try to make long lasting changes ..if you try to do an extreme diet or extreme workout please don't you'll  only harm yourself and make it worse!! Start building healthy habits that's all you should do..:)
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