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If I dont have an appetite, is it ok to go w/o eating for awhile.


Good morning everyone, I hope that your weekends were fabulous.
I have a question:  
I gained weight from the zoloft, putting me at 5'7" up at about 145 which is both horrifying and not the weight that my body is meant to be at.  I am weaning myself off slowly, and noticed that I have much less of an appetite.  I realize that they say you should eat a few meals throughout the day, to keep your metabolism going.  I really have an issue with eating when I am not hungry, it seems silly to me.  Should I go by my hunger signals, or listen what everyone seems to agree on (keeping the metabolism revved).  Any ideas?  I need to lose this weight fast, hoy.

Thanks you ladies and gentlemen..!
:) Lizzy
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Hi! Good morning! Hope you too had a great weekend!

It is true wehn it comes to weight loss it is better to eat a few small meals ( 3 meals and 3 snacks) through out the day to keep your metabolism going and to prevent over indulging yourself...

I think since you are not feeling hungry all the time, when you go to exercsie you wudn have enough energy left in your body.It is important that you consume enoguh food to have the energy you need. Also consider building up your appetite gradually.For example you can start with the 3 meals and a healtyh snack .

If you are not feeling hungry just stick with the 3 healthy meals for the moment and see how it goes.

Also have to ask you waht is your height,weight and age? Using this data you can calculate your BMR and then come up with a meal plan.

It is always adviceable to consult your physician and raise this question.

Let me know if this info was hellpful and sure there will be others here who can provide with many different ideas to assist you in your weight loss journey!

Have a great day!

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You need to eat regularly (meals + snacks) in order to keep from getting sick, keep blood sugar levels even and to have enough energy for the basics; however, you could try just eating very small amounts of healthy foods to begin building your appetite back up.  

Not sure why you need to lose the weight so fast, but it's generally not a good idea to lose too much, too fast and it doesn't usually stay off, even if you succeed.  Not eating will likely sabotage your efforts because your body will think there won't be any more food and will begin hanging onto the weight for self-preservation.  

Hope this helps.  Have a good day.
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Have to agree .. 3 small meals, 3 snacks .. and even if you don't feel overly hungry, this helps stave off hunger, jump starts our metabolism and keeps it ticking away, and keeps our blood sugar level.  Try small snacks .. 1/2 c fruit, an apple, a banana, steamed veggies, a few ounces of lean protein, a small yogurt or a hard boiled egg.  Start slow and ease into it.

Easy and slow is the key ... try targeting 2-3 pounds in 2-3 weeks ... that's is about all the faster one should lose weight in a healthy manner.

Hope this helps .. glad you are here!  Would encourage you to stay tuned and keep engaged here .. there is much knowledge, support, friendship and motivation.  We'll be starting another challenge in a few weeks and we have some wonderful fun in store for Friday evening .. a Halloween Party!!!

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Thanks all you are all such positive people!  Im inspired! :)

Skailark, I am 25 years old 5'7" and 145 pounds.  I think that I have a small frame, so this is alot of weight for me, and leaves me feeling unhappy.

Thank you for your help all.  Have a great day and stay dry today if it is raining there too!
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