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I'm mad at the WII FIT game

I was told that I weigh too much to use it still and so it will not work for me. If you weigh over 330 pounds you can't use the program.

Ok now that I said that I'm doing good in my weight lose but there are people bigger than me who could benfit from the wii fit but they limited it,
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Can you still do the exercises from the game or will it not let  you do anything?

That does really suck.  Don't let it discourage you though.  Hopefully you can do some of the games.  Let me know how it goes.  Maybe you could contact Nintendo and ask them if there is some way you could bypass it.  Couldn't hurt to ask!
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I work in the call center that takes Nintendo calls. So I'm waiting for the wii fit to come back to this call center so I can test it. but the people taking the calls say it wont work. It will give an error right away.
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I totally agree that it'd be really neat if they offered different sizes of the balance board.  It's kinda tough to accommodate children and adults of all sizes with one standard piece of equipment.  But I second the above:  Don't get discouraged!  You've come a long way and will make that mark soon.  In the meantime, you should be able to play games that don't use the balance board.

Have you played any Wii sports?  Those came with the console back when I got my Wii.  The tennis is really fun.  If I get into it, I'm moving all over the living room and it makes time pass by fast, too.  

Even the non-workout games are good, I think.  I usually eat too much if I'm just in front of the TV, but if I'm playing Guitar Hero or something, then I'm not thinking about food.

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you work at a nintendo call center? lol oh man your lucky!! unless of course its billing problems or something to that nature then man im sorry cus i have done call center and getting yelled at cus some1 ran their bill sky high aint fun lol!! Anyways even if you cant use the wii fit some of the activities like the running exercise do not require the balance board and like i told my step mom if you cant run the girl will still move if you are at least walking slowly in place ! theres another exercise i did the other day too that dont require the board you have to get on all fours and hold yourself up with one arm and the other arm you do like arm curls. kind hard but a great workout!!
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I work in a call center that takes there calls, i take different calls.

I'm worried cause i lost so much weight lately and i can't walk since its cold and snowing outside. my doctor is not worried though.
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Well .. I'm all for Wii and hope to perhaps get one from Santa next year .. loll  

In the meantime, I bought myself an old dresser mirror at a garage sale and hung it on the wall and picked up a couple of aerobic tapes as well.  There are 3 ladies who each do a 10 minute workout and it's really quite fun .. and Richard Simmons and I are old friends.  Have also tried pilates and Slim in 6 (takes longer than 6 weeks if you're as out of shape as I was when I began) .. and use videos on youtube.  

All in all, be creative and just move .. dance, do jumping jacks, go bowling, swim, ride a bicycle ... anything!  Keep your options open and focus on 1-2 pounds at a time.

Before long .. you'll have lost enough weight to be using the balance board.  It can be one of many goals and achievements as you continue on your journey.  Hang in there!!!!   Am happy for you and your success and your determination!  Keep smiling .. this is just another opportunity to succeed and achieve your goals .. a whole long line of firsts coming your way!!!

Understanding and Supportive (((Hugs)))
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