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Weight loss and healthy?

Hello, I'm 21, weight 69kg! Here's my daily meal plan : breakfast a slice of white bread with lettuce and cucumber, sometime added a bowl of papaya. I wanted to change to wheat but my blood type is B. I eat papayas (fruit) a bowl for lunch and dinner, sometimes I don't have dinner. I snack cream crackers whenever I feel hungry, but only 6 pieces per day, no night time snack. I drink a lot,  like 8 or more glasses per day, especially when I'm feeling hungry. A week I do morning exercise, speed walk, 3 times a week, 30 minutes.

There's also spinach, carrot, and potatoes for lunch (boiled little salt) for lunch but that's rare.

So will this help me lost weight? Is this healthy?
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It might help you lose weight, depending on how small the portions are, but it's not healthy... You aren't eating anything that has protein, at all and what you're eating has very few vitamins/minerals, like B-12, calcium, etc.

You need to add some type of meat, dairy, eggs, beans, legumes or something with protein and since vitamin B-12 only comes from animal products you either need to supplement or add some of those animal products to your diet. You also need calcium for strong bones and teeth, etc, plus fat to help keep you satisfied.
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Thanks for replying :D I added apples to my menu for breakfast lunch and snack. The portions are reasonable, or maybe rather little? The calories for breakfast and lunch are never above 300k.

Oh man, i knew it. The first time i did diet, i had some troubles, constipation stuff but no bleed level. The doc told me to add more carbs to my meal, she told me cream crackers for snacks and bread. It helped, but I ate two slices of bread for breakfast and lunch. Now i changed the portion coz white bread is high salted food, no nutricions.

Kalsium and fat? Hmm, Milk? Will it be okay if i cut ties with them until I finish diet or at least after i reached 65kg?

Egg gave me icky after taste, i cant stand it. I will put fried fish to my menu but is there any veggies that have proteins and easy to serve? (Raw or plain boiled)

Thank you again for ur help, my savior. :D
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Beans and legumes have protein.  Fish and chicken are both good sources of protein.  Both can be broiled or grilled.  There are a variety of ways to cook eggs that might not leave you with an "icky" taste... have you tried an omelette made with veggies (spinach, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms)?  The veggies have hardly any calories and you can barely even taste the eggs...

It's not okay to cut ties with calcium, because calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Kale is rich in calcium so you can get some, there, but not nearly enough.  Cheese and yogurt, both, have calcium, too.

Most foods taste much better and are more fun to eat if you add herbs and spices, which have no calories.  Most any herbs and spices but salt can be added calorie free... well, salt doesn't have calories, but it does cause fluid retention.

Some fat is necessary for absorption of certain vitamins and fat also helps you feel fuller so you will actually eat less at each meal and you'll stay fuller between meals, so you won't get the urge to snack nearly as much.

Try a tablespoon of coconut or olive oil with some sauteed veggies, with herbs and spices of your choice.  It's yummy and you'll feel so much more satisfied.  To cut the coconut taste in the coconut oil, add a tiny pinch of salt.   You can eat oatmeal for breakfast with a touch of coconut oil for sweetness; add your papaya - yummy for all morning fullness!!
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Huh, never though of that.. Alright, im gonna look up some recipes for the veggie ommelete (practice my cooking skill while im at it) :)  

Having unhealthy teeth and bone problems in future are... bad. I'll add low fat milk and yogurt then. Im gonna look up which brand (in Indonesia) is suitable for me. Hey, there's milo, its 60 cal, will that do for the milk?

Have to enchance and sharpen my cooking hands, i'll lookup some recipes. Thanks for the amazing help! I'll change my meal plans with something healthier, way healthier.

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I'm not familiar with milo in place of milk; what is it?  Yogurt is good for you.  You do need to make sure you eat some fat, as certain vitamins/minerals need fat in order to be absorbed... low fat products may not have enough fat in them.

Cooking can be fun, so yes, look up those recipes and sharpen your skills.

Don't get me wrong, though - spinach, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, papaya and "some" potatoes (but not a lot because they're starchy) are good for you, so do add them to your menus - just make them exciting and be sure to add protein with them...

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