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Sunday Weigh in April 23, 2023

Good evening - yeah, it really is evening and I'm just now posting.  It's been an odd day for me - basically, I slept through a good share of it!!  

I've had a busy week - getting ready for, then hosting our Calligraphy Guild's monthly Study Group took a lot out of me and I'm trying to catch up.

I've been terribly tired lately, anyway and all the extra work I did for the Study Group really did me in.  I'd complained of being tired all the time when I saw the PA at my doctor's office at the beginning of the month.  She did some additional blood work and when the tests were finally posted to the patient portal, I learned that my PTH (parathyroid hormone) is higher than normal, as is uric acid.  My Red Blood Cell count was low.  All three of those things could account for my tiredness, but I haven't heard anything from my doctor's office to find out whether there will be anything further done or if I'll just continue to be tired.   I'm going to call them this week and see why no one has contacted me.  

High parathyroid hormone (PTH) is associated with weight gain, so could explain some of why I'm not losing.

I'm still dealing with my broken wrist.  2 weeks into it, I saw the ortho doctor on Thursday.  I'm to spend 2 more weeks in my brace, but because my arm gets sweaty and hot, I'm allowed to take it off for 2 hrs/day.  Like that stops the sweating, other than for those 2 hrs... lol   Anyway, there's not much healing going on yet, so hopefully, that will change over the next 2 weeks.

Tomorrow, I'm scheduled to see the hand specialist that I've been trying to get into since October.  They've rescheduled 3 of my appointments, so hoping they won't reschedule this one at the last minute.  This appointment is to see what course, of action will be taken for my carpal tunnel, arthritis, neuropathy and muscle wasting in both hands.  They've discussed surgery, but with so many issues going on, that might not be feasible.  

We're also having issues with our van, so I have to take that in to the dealer tomorrow and have it fixed.  I'm sure hoping it doesn't all afternoon!!  

My neighbor is still here and although it's quite a chore because of the fatigue and weakness I'm feeling, I'm still walking with her every day, unless one of us has appointments or something else going on.  I haven't weighed today,  but as of Friday, I was down by almost a pound from last week.   For some reason, I haven't been quite as hungry lately as I usually am - could be because I'm so tired.  Yesterday, I slept for 2.5 hrs and today I slept for 3 hrs and still feel like I could go back to sleep in the blink of an eye!!

So that's my story - I'm looking for my days to settle into something resembling peaceful, but we'll see how that works out.  :-)   I hope you had a good week and were able to meet your goal(s).  I look forward to hearing about them.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~
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Barb I have Thyroid problems too. I have hypothyroidism. I gained 30 pounds many years back and have never been able to get it back off. My thyroid medication was too high recently and I had to lower it. Maybe that's a reason I stopped losing weight. My doctor said people without thyroid problems have weight issues too so it probably wasn't the thyroid.
My goals this week is to not eat past 7 pm and to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
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I have hypothyroidism, as well and gained approximately 30 lbs just prior to being diagnosed.   I haven't been able to lose that either.    That's different from the parathyroid issue.   Thyroid and parathyroid is not the same thing.  The only thing they have in common is their location in the body.  The parathyroids reside directly behind the 4 corners of the thyroid, but they have totally different functions.   The thyroid gland produces hormones that control body temperature, metabolism, heart rate and other functions, whereas the parathyroids (most of us have 4) produce PTH, that moves calcium in/out of the blood.  One of the functions of calcium is to control electrical impulses in the body, among others.

What determined that your thyroid medication was too high?  Did you have blood work done or did you go by symptoms?  If blood work, did they order Free T4 and Free T3, along with TSH?    It's true that people without thyroid problems have weight issues, too, but it's usually a lot easier for them to lose weight than it is for us because thyroid controls metabolism.  

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes can also contribute to weight problems, so it's important to watch what we're eating to prevent glucose levels from spiking whenever we eat.

Some doctors say it's really important to eat breakfast, others say it doesn't matter.  I do think it's important to eat early enough to avoid going to bed with a full stomach.  I tend to get acid reflux (another symptom of hypothyroidism) a lot, so I try not eat after 5:00 pm unless it's an apple (or applesauce), carrots, celery, etc.   I hope you're able to meet your goals  for the week.    
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Hi everyone. Barb what is your PTH test for? I read and tried that eating smaller meals helps with energy. I have more energy when I eat lite. If I eat a big meal I am so tired.

Annie one time I was doing less than 25 grams of sugar a day. I was so shocked there was 65 grams of sugar in my favorite lemonade at Taco Bell. Also I was refilling so I was drinking a lot of sugar!

I gained exactly one pound since last week. I ate a lot of late night meals. Usually, I stop eating at 7 and that keeps my weight down. However, since the time change I have been eating late.  
Today my doctor told me to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with protein. He said to do the Mediterranean diet. He wants me to take some Nutrition classes that Kaiser offers.
Has anyone eaten Mediterranean diet food? If so what did you eat?
Barb how long have you done this weight loss group?  
I remember being here many many years ago.
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Lemonade does have a lot of sugar! The size of 'blonde flat whites' that I was drinking every day have 11 grams, although the drink tastes like steamed milk and coffee, without a hint of sweetness in it. I assume the sugar is to mask how strong the espresso would taste without it. Although I'd been drinking them a lot, I'm not going to miss them like I did when I broke off drinking Dr. Pepper. THAT was hard. This is just finding a substitute for a social cup of coffee in the morning with my husband. Steven Smith tea makes a nice blend called "Meadow" that has no caffeine and doesn't require sugar to fight any tannins. I'll be moving to that for a while.
Hi Athena... I think I might remember you from years back?  I've been a member of this community since 2008 and the Community Leader since 2010.  I've done the weigh-ins most of that time, though I did stop for a while since we didn't have anyone participating.   Once Annie came on board, we've kind of had our own little "weekly chat", but anyone is welcome to join and we're glad to have you with us.

PTH is Parathyroid Hormone - most of us have 4 parathyroids that reside at the 4 corners of the thyroid gland in the neck.  Sometimes one (or more) of the parathyroids develop a benign tumor, which causes the gland to over produce.  The only treatment is surgery to remove the offending gland.  The parathyroids control the movement of calcium into/out of the blood/bones.  Calcium controls electrical impulses in our body, among with other things.  Hyperparathyroidism is linked to fatigue, as is low RBC.  Hyperparathyroidism is also linked to weight gain - duhh, I have hypothyroidism, which also causes fatigue and weight gain/inability to lose - maybe no wonder I'm exhausted and overweight.  :-)

You're right - smaller meals more often, are supposed to be better for us.   That's never really seemed to work for me - mostly because of schedules, etc.  I, often end up eating one big meal/day, then snacking on veggies (carrots, celery, etc).  Of course, the veggies are healthy, but not all the things I eat at my BIG meal are all that great.  :-)

I think the only lemonade you're going to find that's not chock full of sugar is what you make at home, with fresh lemons and water.  I love lemonade and/or simply "lemon/water" in which I'll take a large glass of water and put a slice/wedge of lemon into it.  

I think the time change tends to do a lot of us in... It always throws me for a loop - both with eating and sleeping.  

My doctor has recommended the Mediterranean diet, as well.  It's one of the most prescribed diets and if you can even follow part of it, that should help.  My biggest problem with it is that is centers on fish, veggies, some fruits, nuts, etc.  I love fish, but my husband hates it - the smell of it cooking makes him sick.  I love fish/seafood, but have to eat it away from due to husband's reaction... I have yet to find a seafood restaurant that cooks "healthy" fish in a healthy manner.  If you can do the diet and eat as prescribed, I'd highly recommend it.

Welcome aboard.
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I'm up about .4 of a pound, but something happened late in the week that I think will help. I'd been drinking a nice cup of "blonde flat white" from Starbucks, a double espresso of a lighter (not dark roasted) coffee with steamed milk, every morning and often one in the afternoon. I found out this week that caffeine can do a number on one of my longtime health issues. Also, that although blonde flat whites don't taste sweet, they contain a surprising amount of sugar. So I told my husband that was it -- no more coffee treat in the morning for me. (I don't much like plain coffee, meaning substituting with decaf isn't likely.) Being officially off caffeine while seriously reducing sugar tends to remove most drinks I would drink for pleasure, since all drinks I like (except ice water) either have caffeine or sugar. But I'm really looking forward to seeing if my other health issue eases with stopping caffeine in a more serious way. And without the caloric intake from the blonde flat whites, that should make losing a few pounds easier.

Barb, it's a shame you're tired out, I'd be rattling the cage bars and yelling at the doctors by now! You've got enough problems to deal with, being ignored by your own doctor shouldn't be one of them. I'll be meeting with my new doctor in about a month, and though the main risk is me snowing her under with questions and issues, she's said to listen well and be very proactive.

We're finally going to get some nice weather, making it time to address the yard. It's looking grubby after the winter, though my husband raked out the dead stuff from the front-facing flowerbeds yesterday. I'm hoping that without the constant hidden-calorie intake from the coffees and with working outside, I'll come down a bit on the scale.

Have a great week!
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Annie, I'm sorry to hear you're up this week, but 0.4 lbs isn't a lot, so that could actually be fluid - maybe?   I'm not a Starbuck's fan, but I've read that most of their drinks have pretty high calories - unless it's straight black coffee, which is what I drink at home.  I can understand how the "blonde flat white" could be sent to the curb!!  

Yes, I'm getting tired of being tired.  I'll be calling my doctor's office in the morning to find out what's going on.   You're right - I do have enough going on without being ignored by my doctor.  I just found out today, that instead of one fracture in my wrist, I have 2.  The second one was missed at the ER and also by the ortho doctor I saw for follow up.  Today I finally saw the hand specialist I was referred to a while back and they did new x-rays and found the second fracture.  We can't do anything with my carpal/cubital tunnel syndromes until my fractures are healed, so I have to stay in my wrist brace for another 3 weeks.  At that time, we'll schedule surgery for my left wrist and elbow.  The cubital tunnel has affected, both the wrist and elbow, whereas the carpal tunnel is wrist only.   Sounds confusing, but not so much.

I'm glad to hear you're finally getting some good weather.  Not sure about addressing the yard, since that means work!! lol  Working outside with gardening is great exercise.

We finally got a bit of rain today - not nearly what we need, but, as they say - every drop helps.  
Enjoy your week.  

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