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Sunday Weigh in April 30, 2023

Good morning.  How is everyone this morning?   We had a bit of rain overnight, so it's looking pretty bright and pretty outside, with the sun shining brightly.   Although we haven't had any major rain, we've gotten a couple showers, so grass (and weeds) are beginning to "green up" a little bit.  Makes it look a little less desolate.  

It's been something of a frustrating week, but a couple of things worked out, as well, so I guess I can't really complain - well, I can, but who cares??  lol  

I had my appointment with the hand specialist on Monday.  That went well.  It looks like I'll definitely be having surgery on my left hand and elbow to resolve carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes.  The cubital nerve is messed up at, both the wrist and elbow.   Although I do have carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes on the right, that side is only mild, at this point, so I'm going to try to avoid surgery on that one.  I also have arthritis really bad in my thumbs, so I believe they're going to try to give me injections to help that.  

Before we can do anything, I have to get healed from the wrist fracture(s) - yep, the specialist did new x-rays and found a second fracture so there's one in each of the bones in my wrist.  I'm somewhat appalled that the second fracture was missed, both, at the ER and at the ortho doctor I'd been going to.  At any rate, now that we know it's there, we can make sure it gets healed as well.  

I called my primary doctor twice this week to ask about the out of range blood labs, but no one has called me back, so I'll have to call again this week.  I'd guess they're going to tell me there's no problem, even though the labs are out of range, but from my research, the high PTH indicates hyperparathyroidism even with normal calcium levels, which needs to be addressed.   The low RBC also needs to be addressed.  Either of these conditions could cause the fatigue I complained about that prompted the tests in the first place.  

We also had to take our van back in to the dealer to have a software update installed.  There was a fear that pushing the installation might ruin the radio system, which controls, outside cameras, climate control, and other safety features.  We got lucky and they were able to make the installation with no harm done!!  At least, that worked out well.

In the midst of all this, I've been walking every day with my neighbor.  I haven't weighed this morning, but I did on Thursday and was down 2.6 lbs from last week.  Yesterday, I was back up about a pound, so I'll still claim a pound loss for the week.  Yay, me!!  

We have to make an "airport run" this afternoon to deliver my neighbors for their flight back to OR, so I won't have her to walk with until October.   I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to continue my weight loss efforts for the summer, because I know I won't get up and walk every morning like I do when my neighbor is here.   Hopefully, I'll get something figured out.

Anyway, that's my week.  I hope yours has gone well and you were able to meet/exceed you goal(s).  I look forward to hearing about it.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi Everyone. I am glad I am down almost a pound. I had some late night dinners again. I'm still working on not eating past 7 pm.
I had a nice walk today along Seal Beach pier in California. At first I didn't think I could walk that far, but I was happy I made it yo the end of the pier.
Barb, I hope you hear back from your doctor soon and I hope your hand gets healed.
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Did you walk to the pier also? I think the pier itself (out and back) is almost three-fourths of a mile, that's good! And if you walked from some other start point (than just the end of the pier) you probably got a mile. :-)
I walked from down  the street by the shops. Cool! I probably did get a mile in.
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Glad you're getting some movement on the medical front, Barb, but that doc who won't call you back is being quite a jerk! Good luck next week with that.

I'm down a half pound or a little more this week. due to stopping the double-espresso-plus-hidden-sugar drinks. Given that I'd been drinking them almost every day, the loss could have come from that one change alone. Another thing, however, is that with those in my diet, I was only hungry for a small breakfast and dinner. Now, I also eat lunch. Probably cutting the constant drinks didn't result in a more dramatic loss because I was compensating (to some extent) by eating real food. :-)

I've also cut out sweets. I can't identify all the hidden sugars in foods, but at least if something is sweet-tasting I can keep from eating it. I didn't experience sugar cravings (-- thought for sure I would! --), and it wasn't actually hard to stop the sweet stuff.  

I'd heard sugar is a mood elevator (before the blood sugar crash, the sugar makes you feel happy), and I believe it from how I feel now. Without sweets and coffee and snacks, I just feel physically like -- no up, no down. Kind of blah. I don't love eating and drinking suddenly being meaningless or dull, but am pleased not to be eating sugar, so I'll stick with it and see if it gets more interesting.

This week the task is cleaning out closets for the Goodwill. I have been reading grim stories that the Goodwill doesn't really want old clothes, but am going to try. And there's some more editing for my husband, and my son has an AP class test (the kind that will tell him whether he gets college credit for having taken the class), so helping him stick with his studies is probably going to be on the agenda. All I want to do is turn back the clock so it's last night and I can sleep some more!

Have a great week!

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Thank you - I'm not looking forward to having surgeries on my wrist/elbow, but it's good to know the cause of my pain and that some of it can be alleviated.   I'm really disappointed with the doctor that's not calling me back.  He's been my pcp since 2009 and I've never had this type of experience with his office.   I've always received a call-back the same day I called in.  I did see the office PA, who is the one who ordered the blood work, and maybe she's getting the messages... IDK, but I "will" keep calling until I get a response.

Cutting sugar can make a drastic difference in weight.  They say that eating 3 meals/day is best, so it's good that you're back to eating lunch.  I'm supposed to be eating 6 meals/day because I have reactive hypoglycemia, but I can't eat 6 times/day - it seems that I'm "grazing" all the time.

"I'd heard sugar is a mood elevator (before the blood sugar crash, the sugar makes you feel happy"  Yes, that's right and when the sugar is gone from the blood, you kind of crash and need more sugar to keep feeling "happy".  

"I don't love eating and drinking suddenly being meaningless or dull"  That's where you add in the spices.  If you want something sweet, think about adding cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, etc.  You might also want to think about Stevia.  It's sweeter than sugar, but it's a natural sweetener with no calories.   I've learned that adding spices to food can be pretty interesting.

IDK whether Good Will "wants" old clothes or not - maybe not.  I stopped taking things I no longer need to Good Will, because they charge to much for resale.  I've seen things at Good Will that I can buy at Walmart or Kohl's for less money.  I take all my donations (clothes, household items, etc) to the local Hospice thrift store.  Hospice was very good us us when my Auntie was in her last days and IMO, they deserve everything I can give them.

Editing for your husband sounds interesting.  What does he do?    Oh, good luck to your son with the AP class.  There's been a big hullabaloo here about the AP classes.  I hope your son does well.

Your week sounds busy.  Enjoy.  
Annie, when I  cut out sugar I lost 20 pounds. The weight came off slowly. I did cold turkey- no sugar. I was eating sugary junk food several times a day. When I stopped I went through withdrawals. I felt like I was dying. That's how bad I was addicted. I let myself have small amounts now but nothing like before.
I lost another 20 pounds with TOPS. We weigh in once a week, but I haven't been able to go to the weekly meetings lately.

Well I am glad I am here again. It's been many, many years ago that I was posting here.
Thank you Barb for keeping this group going.
I was expecting to crave sugar every minute, the way I craved Dr. Pepper when I finally kicked that habit. I never backslid -- have not had one Dr. Pepper since -- but it was a tough withdrawal! Because I was quitting D.P. and not sweets per se, I did occasionally drink other sweet drinks, including Coke (which I luckily don't like as much as I did the good Doctor, so I didn't drink much of it) and lemonade (in terms of sugar, an unfortunate choice!). But by the ease of breaking away from sweets, I can see that the problem for me is the combination of caffeine and sugar, not sugar by itself. Unfortunately it's out there in a lot of food offerings -- anything chocolate, lots of soft drinks, sweetened ice tea. :-)  I've been drinking V-8 all this week instead.

The bad news is that I really am eating more, mostly in the form of bigger meals, and three meals a day. That espresso in the morning with its secret sugar did evidently take the place of a meal in terms of my sense of being hungry. So dropping the sugar hasn't also done me the favor of being a magic weight-loss panacea. I'm glad to get it out of my diet before I give myself diabetes, but am also hoping that as my body adjusts to more healthy eating, it will re-adjust and not retain so much weight. We'll see.
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