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not losing anything

Hi im 36 years old, weigh 62 kilos (136 pounds) and im 5 foot 2 inches, ive been using the Wii Fit plus for 3 weeks 1/2 hour of jogging and 1/2 doing step with weights for my arms every day, im eating healthy lots of fruit, smoothies and keeping to 1200 calories a day, i am an active person without excercise but have been keeping to my 1 hour a day and im not losing weight, infact my weight goes up and down by 2 pounds nearly everyday! i dont understand why im not losing weight, i cannot comit to anymore excercise as im busy with work and kids. what am i doing wrong?
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maybe you should look more closely at your diet, are you sure your only eating 1200? i'm only asking because i always thought i was eating a very healthy diet and when my dr told me to keep a food journal i was amazed (not in a good way) at how much i was eating and how the "healthy" foods i was eating wasnt really that healthy. for example, this is just me and i know some people dont agree but i try not to overdo it on the fruit, i know its healthy for you but sometimes there is a such thing as too much of a good thing, if that makes any sense. but i always have a fruit for breakfast, i tend to opt for something that has a lower GI, and i used to make smoothies all the time, maybe its just how i made them but there were heavy in the calories, but i know people make healthy smoothies all the time. i guess what i'm trying to get at is, how accurate is your calorie count? i count every single morsel of food i eat and what else do you eat in your diet? what kinds of proteins, carbs etc.
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kimmit is right about the fruits - many of them have a lot of sugar in them, which can raise your blood sugar too high; they also tend to have more calories. In addition, when you do eat fruit, make sure you go for whole fruit rather than juice because while juices might have some vitamins/minerals, they also tend to have more calories, without the filling fiber. Likewise, smoothies can be good for you, but it depends totally, on what you put in them.  

You'd be much better off to trade some of the fruit for veggies - either raw or steamed.  You'll get lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc for very few calories.  

You should get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day - try to stick with 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies.  

Kimmit is also correct that you need to look at proteins, carbs, fats, etc.  You need a good mix of them all, but make sure you opt for the "good" fats.  Protein and fiber tend to fill you up faster, and keep you fuller longer.

A food diary is a great tool, as it lets you keep up with what you are "really" eating; not just what you "think" you are eating.  Keeping a food diary requires that you record every morsel of food, or drop of drink that passes your lips.  You could be surprised at what it shows.

Last, but not least, you might want to have your thyroid tested to make sure you don't have hypothyroidism, which can cause weight gain/inability to lose weight; as can insulin resistance and PCOS.  Always be sure to rule out medical issues.
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Hi thanks for the replys
i dont eat red meat, i eat fruit 3 a day and smoothies (145 clories per 250ml) im a really fussy eater to start with but i have things like baked potato with low fat cheese or beans no butter and salad (lettuce + cucumber)  eat chicken and fish on its on with no sauce or anything cooked in its own juices, drink lots of water 1 skinny cappachino in the morning, some veg, potatos, brocli, peas, carrots, i only eat wholemeal bread cerials like weeabix special k, my down fall is diet pepsi ive cut it down from 2 2litre bottles to half a 2 litre bottle!
ive go IBS but it hasnt given me any bother since i changed my diet, i get around 8-9 hours sleep at night. what are the symtoms of hypothyroidism?
do you think im doing enough excercise?
thanks :)
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omg ive just counted the calories for today and im at 1450 and ive hardly eaten all day thanks for that going to record every calorie for a few weeks to see if this makes a diffrence
thanks ill keep you updated
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It's really easy for the calories to rack up if you aren't counting them, but do make sure you are eating enough calories for your size.  Your body needs a certain number of calories just to function and if you don't provide that, your body will hold onto fat reserves in preparation for famine.

Some symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue/exhaustion, weight gain/inability to lose, dry/itchy skin, hair loss, muscle/joint pain, etc. There is a very long list of possible symptoms; some people only get a few, some get them all.

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Hi, now that i count them it seams a lot of calories and not much food.
i put my detaisl into a calorie counter and it said i can eat  2232 a day and lose the weight i want to, does that sound right to you?
so far today ive had 1450 and wont eat anything else as im off to bed shortly
im defo going to keep a diary of the food i eat, the only thing im worried about is protien i only eat fish and chicken a couple of times a week, i read on the net that you can eat peanut butter to keep your protien up (im not planning to eat it everyday, just the days i dont have fish or chicken x
i dont have any of the symtoms for hypothyroidism so im going to rule that out just now and see how i go with the calorie counting
thanks for your advice its much appreciated xx
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