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weight fluctuation over night - is this normal?

hi all

I bought some scales yesterday as my weight has been creeping up and I want to start getting on top of it.

When I weighed myself at the pharmacy a week ago I was 161 pounds.

when I weighed myself last night I was the same.

I know it's best to weigh yourself at the same time of day and not more than once a week so I decided Monday morning would be my time to get on the scales from now on so I can keep a record of how I'm doing.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm 5 pound lighter than last night!

So is this normal to have such a big fluctuation over night?

I am going to put 156 pounds on my weight loss tracker for today which means I am no longer overweight, hurrah, but I feel a bit of a fraud
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It can really vary by time of day and clothing worn.  It is amazing how much water we can accumulate during the day that is flushed by morning.  I would suggest you weight yourself first thing in the morning in your birthday suit after using the toilet and before drinking or eating anything.  Then you have a good baseline to go by.
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thanks for responding Trudie, I can't remember if I'd been to the toilet before I weighed myself this morning but I think I would have done as that's always the first thing I do in the morning, so that 156 pounds would be right.

Could losing 5 pounds overnight mean I have got bad water retention issues do you think, or is it just normal?
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It's normal to fluctuate over night.....it will depend on how much undigested food is in your system, whether you've gone to the bathroom, drank anything, water retention, etc.  I find that if I eat an early dinner (for me that's around 4:00 PM because of my work schedule), then I will weigh less in the morning......

Also, you mentioned that you weighed yourself at the pharmacy AND that you bought some scales......I'm assuming you bought only one scale?  The scale at the pharmacy may not be calibrated the same as the scale you bought for your home.    Case in point -- most of my doctor's scales show me weighing somewhere around 5 pounds more than my home scale.  That doesn't mean that either scale is off -- it just means that there can be fluctuation by the minute........

You need to decide whether you are going to continue using the scale at the pharmacy or move on to using the scale that you bought...........pick one and stick with it.......I prefer to go by my scale at home, but it just so happens that the scale in my endo's office is closer to mine, so I'll look at that also.........

Good luck......
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Lol Barb, in the UK we always say scales when we mean just one. I dont know why but that's the way we say it. "A set of scales" for us is the same for us as when you say "a scale" ...go figure!

I was only weighing myself at the pharmacy before I bought my own scale (will say it the US way now to avoid sounding like the weird foreigner I am, lol!)

I will only use my lovely shiny new home scale now, first thing every Monday morning.

Fingers crossed next monday I will see that I have lost at least a couple of pounds....

thanks for responding, it means a lot - have a great day
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Hey - I know what you mean by a "set of scales" -- it's the scales that balance -- you know what I mean -- you have a set of "baskets" or "plates" and you put some on one and some on the other and when the baskets or plates are the same level, they are "balanced".........hence the term "scales".......

In our case, a scale (singular) tells us how light weight/thin we are........

You are welcome to weigh any day you wish; however, we do have a "Sunday Weigh In" in which we post our Sunday morning, along with anything that really helped us get going to lose or whatever problems we might have had, so you can either change you "weigh date" to Sunday or just post your Monday weight into that post......you can check it out -- it will be called "Sunday Weigh In" -- you can see what we do and we'd sure love to have you participate with us......
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cool, I will join your Sunday weigh in, thank you. I managed another whole day sugar free yesterday, fingers crossed I can do it again.

Tuesday I was scuppered though, got in my car for the first time this year and there was a big bag of sweets in there from our journey up north for christmas (do you have Minstrels in the states? they're delicious, like giant M&Ms) - couldn't resist - I ate them all! OOOps! Naughty yal. :)
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