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I am really excited about getting started.  We have a pool at work with a $500 winners pot for whomever loses the most percentage of weight in 3 months.  I really want to hit the ground running,so to speak, so I have groceries and threw away all the other ****.  If any one has suggestions . . .I am open!
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I don't know much about the Atkins myself, but I wanted to welcome you and tell you that you have come to the right place for support to keep you moving on your journey.  Best wishes for the competition at work!  
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I had a lap band and the diet you have to follow for that is a modified version of Atkins. It's all about low carbs, high protein, but its also low in sugar/fat.

I did really well with it and am doing it again. I posted before that I don't really feel like my lapband did TOO much good, its just as much diet/exercise after as it was before.

But the protein definitely fills you up more than the carbs.
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