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Has raspberry ketones worked for anyone?

Does anyone have experience with raspberry ketones? It's supposedly able to help lose weight in as quickly as 5 days. Honestly I'm skeptical but after working out for a few months and not seeing results I'm thinking of giving it a shot. Just ordered my trial bottle in fact.

If you haven't heard of raspberry ketones, here's Dr Oz talking about it on his show: http://bit.ly/Nq8xbj
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Diets are no more useful than a dietary supplement, which quickly breaks down fats. I used Lipovon year ago and lost 6 kg per month., Then do not get them recovered. Try it, it is not harmful. Good luck.
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There are no scientific studies on raspberry ketone that support claims of weight loss in humans... here's an excellent article that debunks all those ridiculous claims: http://inews1.net/raspberry-ketone

As a registered dietitian(RD) and personal trainer, my advise is to stop wasting your money on weight loss pills and other snake oils... trust me, if a miracle product ever really comes to market, the whole world will hear about it.

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i have used them for 4 days i am not overweight i am just trying to lose the last 10lbs and i have lost 2 lbs in four days! I do not like them and am going to stop taking it i have been getting bad side effects such as numbness!!! and have been feeling really sick, i would not recomend them after reading about it there has been no human studies i think there have only been 2 rat studies so anyone taking them are being guinea pigs!!
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Among everyone I know, the only ones who have successfully reduced their weight are the ones who modified their eating behavior and exercise regimen.  While I'm sure raspberry ketones can give impressive short-term results, it may be a waste of money and effort in the long run.
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Hi there,
Raspberry ketones are similar in structure to capsaicin .This product claims that the compounds trigger the breakdown of fat cells. There is lack of sufficient scientific study and literature that support that this product can lead to weight loss.Moresoever it should not be used by people suffering from high blood pressure, COPD patients etc.I will advise you to consult your physician before starting it. Weight loss through exercise and diet control is the most effective way to lose weight. A sustained and disciplined approach will definitely help.
Take care and regards!
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