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I want to loose weight and fat too

I m 25 years old and my weight is 78 and height is 5 feet 7 inch plz tell how to reduce weight and fat
I am now at dieting withbdiet plan as fallow
Early morning Green tea
Breakfast milk with kelloggs special corn fleks
11 am  watermeloan
2 pm oats
4 pm green tea with lemon
7 pm green salad then walk
10 pm  milk
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"Dieting" isn't what you want -- what you want is to change your eating habits permanently to something you enjoy but that's healthy and works to change how you're metabolizing what you're eating.  Right now you're basically living on dairy.  Maybe you're one of the two ethnic groups in the world who do well with dairy, maybe you're not, but living on just one food is not only boring but not the best way to be healthy long-term.  The corn flakes aren't healthy either -- corn isn't the best thing to slow metabolism of food into sugar.  You don't say what's in your salad, but I'm going to guess you're just not eating vegetables much, and they're the most important thing to eat for health.  You don't say how long or vigorously you walk, but for a young person it doesn't sound like much exercise if your life is otherwise sedentary.  You might benefit by doing some research on nutrition.  
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I eat cucumber maibly and i do joging of 2 to 3 km and regular walk in clz and markit too. I prefer going markit by walking and  do some excresises also
Cucumbers are mostly water.  There's a world of vegetables out there; the best are green leafy vegetables.  Vegetables provide the antioxidants that protect us from harmful changes in our bodies.  Green tea, if it's real green tea, is a very potent source of antioxidants, but you gotta eat.  Again, you need to study nutrition, because diet is the most important part of losing weight and keeping It off.  As for your weight, you're not obese, you just need to shed some pounds, but if having less fat is a goal as well, that would involve burning off more foods before they turn to sugar in your body and store as fat and doing more exercise.  Resistance training is good for toning a soft body into a firmer body, while cardio is great for burning off calories.  But still, you need to study nutrition.
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