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Is starving to lose belly fat a good idea if we hit the plateau?

I got the plateau, which is a condition in which you can't lose weight even though you diet. Help me.
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May I suggest you do some research on the Ketogenic Diet. It is a huge lifestyle change, but is totally worth it. Ketogenic lifestyle requires that you cut out almost all carbs. You eat less than 20g of carbs a day, moderate amount of protein 50-100g/day (60-75 is ideal for most people), and 100-150g fat/day. It is a high fat diet that switches your body from using carbs for energy to using fat for energy. After a few weeks adjustment to it, you will fill up faster, hardly ever feel hungry, and always have a ready source of energy (your body fat!). Google it! Tons of info out there and many facebook groups!
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