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Losing 35 lbs for Summer

I'm 14 years old and weigh 130 lbs but I really want to lose weight so I can wear what all the other teens wear. Like crop tops and high waisted shorts and everything without worrying about if my stomach is popping out. I don't know what else to do. I get all motivated and then someone says something and it brings me down and I just don't do anything. Any advice?
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How much you should weigh depends on how tall you are.  130 pounds may not be too much for you, at all.  Possibly, all you need to do is tone your muscles to help flatten your tummy.

I do not recommend that you start using psyllium husk at your age.  That high fiber and can mess up your digestion.  

Your body isn't fully developed yet, so you need to talk to your parents, who, I assume do the grocery shopping, and ask them to make sure there is plenty of healthy lean protein for every meal, along with fresh/frozen veggies and fruit, low fat milk, etc.
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well dear being that your so young sleep in the dark you'll grow taller then the weight will situate a little better you can exercise to help with not gaining as well as some small loss of weight and not eating at least 2 hours before bedtime really helps as well. Also all that helthfood craze stuff well get plenty of fiber you can stop by whole food or even a local health store pick up some psyllium husk so that it will help the food stay in your stomach longer. Its about 6 bucks and will last you quite a bit. furthermore your consider  weight is considered skinny for your age range,...most Americans do consider 130-140lbs to be thin so I wouldn't worry too much about it I  know most girls your age are concerned with impressing boys and sometimes even other girls for some odd reason I think we have been conditioned to look at girls who are almost under weight. if anyone tells you your fat say something like well the belemia meeting is right next to rom such and such if your interested cuz I'm not. I know it can be difficult when your young just wanting others appraise or so on but allot of grls like that go on to get into relationships that are  unhealthy for them and do not realize it until years later. to me I would consider youself a lucky young girl as they put me on zyprexa at your age and I gained 30lbs before they took me off.
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