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Struggling but not knowing the answer

Everyone seems to have problems losing weight, I've founf that if you really want to lose it that you've got to have the right mindset.

In fact I've been reading this blog http://www.squidoo.com/lose-weight-dieting

It seems to talk about how mindset is very powerful but I'm too lazy to type the whole thing.

Hi everyone
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Well, thanks, Barb, for going to the website!  Since you had the trouble with parts being blacked out, you save me the trouble of going there.  I agree with both of you: a person definitely needs a positive attitude to lose weight.

One thing that has been true for me, though is that I have been very successful at losing weight.  It is the keeping it off that has been the problem.  Let's see if having all my new friends here on MH makes a difference!  I am now just 11lbs from my goal weight - again!  You know about those last 10lbs, but I have no doubt about getting them off.  Now, my doubt is about keeping them off.  I'm so excited to see if, this time, the difference is in having accountability partners.

The last time, I lost 70lbs (only began re-gaining this time last year), I was a lone-ranger.  Fortunately, I "only" re-gained 33 or so lbs before getting it back under control.  Let's see...

Welcome, HealthFreak97.  The more friends, the merrier!!!
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I checked it out and following a couple of the links, I find they are trying to get you to "join" and if you just want to browse the site without joining, they black out the screen so it's very hard if not impossible to read it.  I just scrolled to the bottom and at the very end, it appears that they ultimately want you to pay $57 for some type of weight loss system that appears to include a couple of books, a journal and I'm not sure what else. Much better to save your $ and read MedHelp and use the journal here, use one of the sites that let you do it for free or start your own hand written journal, because journaling is very beneficial for us all.  It allows us to keep track of what and how much we are eating, thinking, feeling, etc and we can often come up with patterns that might be sabotaging our efforts.  

The blog is food for thought though.  You (and they) are right - your mindset is very powerful and in most cases, the ability to lose weight will depend heavily on whether you really WANT to lose weight and whether or not you are willing and determined to put forth effort.  Anyone who starts a weight loss program with the attitude of : "I'll never be able to do this" certainly WON"T ever be able to do it!!  Some of us may WANT to lose weight, but are not willing to change our lifestyles (eating and exercise habits) in order to acheive it, so will probably NOT be able to lose it, or if we do lose it (with pills or fad diets), we won't keep it off and could ultimately damage our health in the process.  

They are also correct in that your "diet" is simply what you eat on a daily basis and every living creature has a "diet" of some kind.  You can go on a "weight loss diet", a "weight gain diet" or a "maintenance diet" - that simply means the types and amounts of food you would eat daily in order to acheive your goal.  Our bodies need all of the different food groups in order to be healthy so again, they are correct that cutting out proteins or carbs or fats is not the right way to go.  

What I didn't see on the site was anything about exercise - but remember, the screen was blacked out and I couldn't really "read" it.  If your muscles are not used, they will be lost; so if you can eat less than it takes to maintain your weight, you will lose, but chances are you lose muscle as well as fat or even before fat. And it takes a lot more work to gain back lost muscle than it does to gain back lost fat!!  LOL  

It's always kind of neat to look around at the different websites because I've come up with pretty good ideas from some of them, but it's necessary to be careful also, because a lot of them are there only to sell something that probably won't work.  

So --------- let's all "set our minds" to the task at hand and see how successful we can be!!  

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