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Sunday Weigh In - August 7, 2011

Okay, folks, here we are again -- looking at the calendar, I'm amazed at how fast this year is going by. Summer will soon be over, and this year, it won't hurt my feelings too much, since it's been so unbearably hot.  

Anyway, we've come through another week, and it's time to see where we're all at, weight wise.  My week was really busy and I did very well at not eating the potato chips........ yay for me!!!  

I'm even going to claim a 1.4 pound loss - reckon the lack of potato chips had something to do with that?  LOL   Last week, I was at 146, this week am down to 144.6.  I think that's probably the lowest I've been for at least a couple of years. I even noticed, yesterday, that a pair of jeans I wear regularly, was much looser than they usually are - they still fit, just more loosely......

Anyway, I haven't really "done" anything to lose the weight, so I'm not sure what to attribute it to.  I just got my new thyroid labs back, and my levels are down some, which is usually not a good sign for me, but we'll see.  As I stated above, it's been so very hot this summer and I work outside, so I do a lot of sweating, and often don't feel like eating much.  I do get in a lot of walking at work, so I'm sure that helps.

This coming week will be the last for my 10 hr days (hallelujah!!), and I'm hoping it will cool off soon, so I can start walking after work again.

Okay, now, it's your turn........... how has your week been?  I hope everyone has been successful, in losing, but if not, maybe there's something we can do to help........

Wishing everyone a great week.

Remember:  we win by losing -- weight!!  

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At least I didn't gain .... but didn't lose either ...

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Congrats Barb,  as for me I am not sure how much I gained but I know I did,  but I am trying 2 get back into swing of things started yesterday so I am better today down a pound from yesterday so I am with that just got to stay on track so heres to a good week hope to have better weight loss next sunday,  good luck to everyone
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I keep playing with the same weight, but at least this week it was in my favor.  I lost 2 pounds but I am back to the weight I started with, lol.  

I really hope I can somehow continue to lose 2 pounds per week until school starts (well, when I go back to work) on Sept. 6.  That would be 8 pounds and put me at 140 and where I want to be.  I'm actually fine where I am, it's just that it is the TOP of where I want to be...the VERY TOP.  I would prefer 140-145 (I am 5' 7").

I was sick for several days last week (stomach virus), so that was the catalyst for losing weight, I am sure.  I just kept it up even when I got well.  Now, if I can only KEEP up the weight loss?  As the heat and humidity subside, I am usually more successful.  I do not do well in either of those, YUCK !
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