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Sunday Weigh In - July 24, 2022

Good morning.  It looks like we're in for another very hot day, today - it's been in the mid/upper 90's every day for some time now.  Most days we have heat index of over 100° so it's pretty miserable unless we can stay inside in the air conditioning.  What outside work does get done, has to be done first thing in the morning before it gets to the heat of the day.

Yesterday we set out to get the yard mowed... It turned out to not be a very good day for mowing!!  First my riding mower wouldn't start (bad battery), so I had to mow with my push mower.  Husband was going great guns with his tractor mower (in large open areas). when something happened and it simply stopped moving.   We had to get it from the middle of the yard (3 acres) to the husband's shop so he could try to determine the problem.  In the meantime, I went ahead and had him use the battery charger to get my mower started and I continued to mow for a couple of hours.

Husband finally determined that his tractor would take more work than he has time to put into it right now, so we went to get a new battery for my riding mower and look for a larger mower that we replace the tractor with, for the time being (he'll work on the tractor over the winter when it's cooler outside).   We found one we both like (and it's adjustable so we can both use it), but the store doesn't provide delivery, so we came and spent the next couple of hours figuring out how to get it home.  After a few phone calls, it turns out that a friend of husband's has (or can get) a trailer, so they're going this afternoon to pick up the mower.   Hoping things work out as planned.  

Other than the mower fiasco, I've spent most of my time working on calligraphy projects, along with a wood burning demonstration I'll be doing for our next woodworking meeting.  

As I've noted in previous posts, most of my work ends up being done sitting at my desk, so there's not a lot of exercise involved in it.   That, along with a couple days of pretty salty food, left me with swollen feet/hands that I couldn't seem to get rid of.   Of course, the result was - yep, you guessed it - weight gain to the tune of several pounds.  I ended up right back up where I had been several weeks ago.  By avoiding as much salt as possible, drinking plenty of water and of course, spending a couple hours walking behind my push mower yesterday (doing lots of sweating), I managed to drop off most of the water weight and get almost back to where I was a few weeks ago.  

I did claim a couple pounds gain last week, but it was fluid gain, not fat.  Now, I'm down several pounds, but again, it's fluid not fat, so I'm just going to say that I'm staying pretty much the same when it comes to "real" weight.  It's really hard to tell what's happening when my weight bounces by several pounds over a couple day of a week.

We'll be gearing up for our anniversary cruise over the next couple of weeks, so I'm really going to try hard to drop, at least, a few more pounds.

That's my story - how was your week?  I hope you've met your goal(s) and are doing well.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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The mowing saga, how frustrating! At least you are getting a new machine out of the deal.

My weight is .2 of a pound more than last week, probably more reflecting the fish and chips I had for dinner last night than real gain. But I'm still keeping an eye on it, since last week I was also up a bit, and don't want to look on with a disinterested eye if my weight goes up and up.

We are also expecting a run of hot weather next week, here in Oregon where we aren't as used to it as you are in Florida. A landscape crew is coming to clean up my mom's neglected yard in preparation for the sale of her house, and it's supposed to reach 100 degrees on one of the days they'll work there. I'm thinking of calling and putting it off, for their sakes. Either that, or they should only work in the mornings.

Lately my days have been spent at my own not quite unpacked house, and then at my mom's, packing it up. We're down to bare floors and walls at her house, but also the stubborn historic or sentimental items that they can't decide about and her kids don't want. My stepdad hasn't helped by first insisting everything had to go, and now calling me every day to ask where some item is (that he had already said to give to the Goodwill). Hell to lose your memory.

I hope after the hot spell next week, we get some rain, though rain in August in Oregon is rare. (We have 2 months of "seasonal drought" in the summer.) Our plants are taking it tough already, and we've been watering but one good soaking would really help.

Have a great week!

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We've got our mowing situation under control once again.  We put a new battery in my small rider, so it's back to starting like a champ.  Husband and his friend went to pick up the new mower this afternoon.  It seems to work very well - believe it or not, it's even got "cruise control", so you just set it and go...

I understand where you're coming from with the weight going up - a couple tenths of a pound isn't so bad but when it balloons into a couple of pounds, it becomes a different issue.   But then, it's hard for me to even say that because my weight can fluctuate by several pounds over a 24-36 hr period and I know I haven't eaten enough calories to actually increase fat by that much.  It can be frustrating to put it mildly.  

I guess I'd leave it up the landscaping guys to decide about their work schedule... they have to work, here, no matter how hot or they get so far behind, they'd never catch up.   I'm guessing that if you tell them not to work one day (or to work only in the mornings), they'll just go work somewhere else (but might not be happy about having to load up equipment, then unload when they come back), so you might as well have them go ahead and do what needs to be done.  Landscapers can't do a lot in the winter, there, so I'm sure they try to make as much during the summer as they can and they can't make money if they're taking days off.  It's always good to provide cool drinks, etc to make sure they stay hydrated, but then landscaping people are used to working in most weather so they know what they need to do.

It's good that you're getting a chance to spend time at your own house a little bit.  Hopefully, you're getting some things unpacked while you're there.   I can sympathize with you in regards to your mom's things.  I ran into similar issues when I cleaned out my Auntie's house, but I didn't do that until she'd passed.   You're right, though - it is hell to lose your memory.  Auntie did too - it's not a fun thing to go through.

I hope you get some rain after the hot spell, as well.  I know it's usually pretty dry in OR in late summer.   There's something about a good rain that brings plants back when, even daily, watering can't do it.

Enjoy your week.  
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