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Sunday Weigh In January 10, 2021

Good morning.  How is everyone doing this morning?  It's cold here (for us) even though it looks like a beautiful day with bright sunshine and clear skies.

It's been pretty quiet here, this week, which is good.  We've been waiting to be able to get our COVID vaccines since my state started with the "65 and older" crowd.  My county had a registration site and we did get registered, but it seems to be taking a long time for them to call back for appointments.  We're also hearing that people from surrounding counties (even surrounding states) are coming here to get their shots.  Although I'd love to have everyone vaccinated as soon as possible, it would seem that everyone should have to stay in their own state/county to get it.  People crowding in from other places are preventing those of us who live here from being able to obtain the vaccine.  Anyway - that's my 2¢.  

I think I mentioned that my neuro's office had ordered an MRI of my cervical spine to see what's going on with the pain/cramps in my arms and hands.  I had that MRI on Thursday and got the results yesterday.  It's pretty much what we'd expected - spinal stenosis caused by degenerative disease.  They (neuro's office) also ordered physical therapy but I've put that off - now that I've had the MRI, I'll go ahead and call this week to make an appointment and get started with therapy.

I'm a couple of weeks into the increased dosage of thyroid hormones ordered by my pcp but as suspected, it's not enough, so I'm continuing to take extra medication every day.  It's beginning to help with tiredness/fatigue, but the only thing it's done so far regarding weight is to stop the gain.  Of course, that's a good thing, but I'll know I have enough when I'm able to lose weight by exercising.  

I'm still in the boot for my broken foot so my neighbor and I are still walking shorter distances and only every other day.  I'm getting pretty good at walking with the boot, so I think this coming week, I'll try going a longer distance and maybe move to more days and see how it goes.  That should help with losing, as well since I'm not really doing enough, at this point, to make "a lot" of difference even though exercise is exercise.  Even with what I'm doing, I can tell that the muscles in my legs are getting stronger as they aren't getting tired almost as soon as we set out on the walk.

I'm still trying to curb food intake, but of course, we know that "what" we eat is as important as how much and my diet hasn't been the greatest since it's easier to eat the same things my husband is eating.  He's definitely not into "healthy".  :-)    I am trying to get back to healthier choices because a lot of what we've been eating has contributed to my acid reflux/GERD.   I've also learned that eating within 3 hrs of going to bed guarantees that I'll be up in the night with GERD.  

Anyway, weight-wise, I'm about the same as last week, but I'm glad I've been able to maintain instead of increasing weight.  I'm hopeful that as I increase exercise and decrease food intake, I might actually be able to budge the scale.  

So - that's me.  What about you?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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We're still at the farm, but my husband went over to the new house this morning and I prevailed on him to bring back the scale. It's been two weeks (or three?) being unable to weigh myself, and while I thought I was eating carefully, who knew? Anyway, I'm down a pound and a couple of tenths. That means I made it through the whole holiday season, sweets and all. This is good on its own, but even better, suggests that when I eat what I think is sensibly, I really am eating sensibly.

We've been at the farm "for the holidays" and basically have no real reason to leave, thanks to Covid making school all online for now and my husband working remotely. The farm is nostalgic for us humans, and the cats are handling the change fine, but who is really benefiting is the dogs. In the suburbs, they have a ten-foot deep by 60 feet side yard. Here they have a fenced five acres plus the fun of invading deer and gophers to patrol. Coco (the little one) mostly gets her exercise by walking around (at least she's moving) or barking endlessly at foes. Delphie, our big girl, runs full tilt whenever inspiration strikes, whether in the form of a deer rash enough to jump over the fence, a neighbor taking a walk, or the garbage truck having the temerity to come and take away our trash. Her fave is to run the 500-foot fence line when anything happens on the road, which she does so fast that she looks like the logo on the side of a Greyhound bus. She can make it from our driveway to the corner of our field faster than the big, noisy garbage truck, which clearly delights her, and it's fun to see her run like crazy.

This adds up to not a lot of incentive to go back to the house in the school district for a while. It's a hassle to move (both getting here and moving back), and we do have wifi here. If high school weren't looming, I'd probably even be thinking about selling the house in the desirable school district, just to not be over-extended. But it doesn't seem like next year, school will be online. (I hope!)

Have a great upcoming week!
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Congratulations on your loss... it's great that you made it through the holidays (sweets and all) so easily.  I've read studies that say most of us instinctively eat the right things to keep health and weight in check - it looks like that's definitely true in your case.   If left to my own devices, it would probably be true for me, as well.

It sounds like everyone is enjoying being on the farm.  I'm sure having a relaxing place to be goes a long way in helping cope with the confines of the pandemic.  It's awesome that the dogs can use the time to run and play - even playing with garbage truck (lol).

I can see how the apparent tranquility could contribute to the desire to stay at the farm indefinitely.  It's too bad all school districts aren't acceptable enough to allow one to live where they choose.  
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