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Sunday Weigh In October 11, 2020

Good morning... I'm a bit late getting started today, but it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.

This past week has been pretty quiet in my world, though I did have a couple of appointments to deal with.  I, first, had my chiropractor and ophthalmologist appointments on Monday.  If you recall, It was determined that the openings in my cervical spine through which nerve endings pass have narrowed, causing nerve issues in my arms and back. The chiropractor was able to get my back into place a bit and she's working on my cervical spine to see if she can enlarge the openings to give nerve endings some relief.  My back doesn't seem to itch quite as bad, but my arms haven't changed much.  I know that all takes time.

My ophthalmologist appointment went very well.  My cataract surgeries healed like they were supposed to and I got a script for progressive glasses, which should be in this week... WooHoo.

On Tuesday, I saw my endocrinologist.  The meeting was quite contentious and he continued to refuse an adequate dose of thyroid hormones.  He's not going to do anything with the suspicious thyroid nodule because it's < 1 cm and didn't want to see me again until May of next year... I don't plan to see him again at all because I really don't feel that a doctor's appointment should be so contentious and stressful.  

I still  have my air cast and knee scooter for my broken foot... I see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow and I'm hoping I'll be able to start walking on my foot a little bit more, and although it's feeling better, judging from the pain/swelling, my hopes may not be realistic.

I plan to find a different thyroid doctor, but have decided that I need to get some other issues resolved before I add another doctor to the mix.  It seems that there's an "...ologist" for every part of the body and I seem to be seeing most of them.  It's become mind boggling and I need to try to drop off a few of them as my whole life seems to consist of doctors and most of them are doing nothing helpful.

Anyway - weight-wise, I'm back to bouncing up/down as I normally do, which may be a good sign.  With the continued swelling from my broken foot, it's hard to tell exactly what my weight is.  Yesterday, it was the same as last week, so for right now, I'll go with that.  I'm not looking for any big change in weight as long as I can't get out and exercise and/or get an adequate dose of thyroid hormones. Our neighbors did arrive back from Oregon yesterday, so as soon as I'm able, we'll begin our daily walks, which will, hopefully, help with, both the weight and the way I feel.  

So - that's me.  How was your week?  I hope it's been everything you wanted it to be and look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful successful week~~

**Stay safe and keep washing your hands**. .

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My weight had a swing this week, too, but I ended up this morning at about the same place despite being a couple of pounds lighter midweek. It really seems more and more obvious that if I eat sweets, the next day my weight is up or the same, and if I don't, it's down. Today I was .1 of a pound lighter than last week. Dazzling, right? lol But during the week we had cheesecake. The last couple of days, I've been toeing the line. Last night was tabouli only,  handmade by me with all-natural ingredients and very good if I do say so myself, and tonight it was tabouli and flank steak only. By tomorrow I should see a result on the scale.

This week for me will be making (and going to at least some) appointments. With Covid and shutdowns, it's been hard to get in the right mindset to set up any besides emergency appointments, and sometimes even to remember appointments once I've set them up. (It took two tries to get a couple of our pets in for their shots -- I remembered their 1:30 pm appointment in the morning, but forgot it by 1:00 despite it being on my calendar.) We have a different cat that needs shots, and a dog that needs a followup visit after an emergency a couple of weeks ago. Our son has an allergy-shot appointment on Tuesday. We've also just signed him up for orthodontia; their scheduling gal called me last week and I've got to get back to her. We are expecting a call tomorrow to go meet a guy to come fix the pump on the well at the farm -- the farm suddenly has no water at all (good thing it didn't break during the fires!). VW has just dropped us a line telling us the car needs to go in for a recall. I need a mammogram, can't punt it further down the calendar as it's already overdue, so at LEAST I need to schedule it this week. My son's allergist contacted us about three weeks ago and said that despite the fact that the nurse-treatment room is giving him his shots, she needs to see him yearly (it seems like it's been more than a year, actually) and now it's time. And of course, we all three need to get our flu shots!

I think there was one other appointment I need to make, as well. :-P

At least we managed to drive by my son's school this past Thursday at the right time to pick up his planner for the year (an event postponed because of the fires). And I did remember to mail my sister a birthday card that will probably arrive in time. So all is not frustration -- one or two things are done.  :-)

I'll report back if I get good results from the two days of tabouli. Have a good week!
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