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Sunday Weigh In September 19, 2021

Good morning... How are we doing today?  I hope everyone has had a good week.  It's been pretty quiet in my corner of the world.  I'm still struggling with my bad tooth, but do have an appointment for Thursday to get it looked at.  I'm not sure what getting it fixed is going to entail.  I just hope they can do it all at once instead of having it drag out for days/weeks.  

Our calligraphy guild is finally going to go back to meeting in person again.  We'll also continue to do Zoom meetings, as we've acquired some new members that live pretty great distances away, so they can't attend in person.  It will be different, but it's good we have that option.  I've also been working on yard work.  Our neighbors have fence that borders our property and they don't take care of them, so a lot of the branches are overhanging the fence, making it very difficult for us to maintain our side of the fence.  I mowed down the weeds, but discovered quite a few volunteer trees coming up, so I have to get those cut down before they become "huge" trees.  That's been my exercise for this week.  Working in 90°+ weather is pretty hard on this old lady!!

I think today will be a change of pace and I'll work on repotting some houseplants that desperately need it.  I did one the other day and seem to have over-fertilized it, as all the bottom leaves are turning yellow and dying.  I pulled the plants out of the dirt and have them in water now, so have to try to leach out some of the fertilizer and get them planted again.  Grrr!!

We also had to play plumber in one of our bathrooms, which resulted in the bathroom getting a "top to bottom" cleaning after water was spilled, etc.  It was time and now it's done!!  

Anyway, all of that said - I seem to be getting plenty of exercise, even if it's "work" vs a planned exercise routine.  I'm also still working on cutting back the amount of food I'm eating.  I think it might be starting to pay off.  I don't seem to be losing a lot but at least I'm not gaining anymore.  For me, that's a big plus - stop the gain and hold steady for a while... hopefully, weight will start coming off.  That was a long way of saying that I've actually stayed the same as last week.  I don't, typically, count tenths of a pound, unless it's more than 1/2 a pound because I can fluctuate a whole lot more than that over the course, of even a day.  

So... I'm holding steady, which is okay for right now.  I was looking forward to my "winter neighbor" getting back next month, so we could start walking again, but due to some family issues, it appears that she's either going to be quite late getting here or possibly not be able to come at all.  That means I'm going to be on my own for walking this winter.  It's finally starting to cool off enough to where I will be able to start walking in the evening again soon.  

Okay - that's me... How was your week?  I hope you were able to reach whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  I think most schools have started back up again, so hopefully, that makes it easier to exercise and do your "own thing".  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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I'm down .9 of a pound according to my scale, so I guess I'll round up the success and call it a pound. This is due to sheer stubbornness about portion size: I'm not eating as much. I'm back at my volunteer job and seeing my old friends and acquaintances there, and it motivates me that my more polished and clothes (that I haven't worn since before the pandemic) are also more fitted. They still fit, but they just have a way of showing off my stomach when I sit. Hmph! But I've been really glad to get on the scale and see drops of weight. I think four or five weeks ago, I was regularly 3 lbs. heavier than I am this morning.

We've been very involved this past couple of weeks with getting my son some help for his school stress. He really does not want to be at the high school where he is, and has picked out another one in the area that he thinks will be great. I've talked to them and they aren't accepting transfers, but if we live in the district, of course they are his school then. So we're looking at a move. I don't know if you remember, but we only live in the house where we are now because we wanted him to go to a certain middle school, and this is what we did when he was in grade school as well. It's not an unfamiliar idea to move for a school. But I'm sorry the new high school has such a rough way about it and is so hard to take (the kids trashed the bathrooms, pulling out and breaking fixtures, last week). I'm not going to insist on his sticking with it, but moving is such a nuisance that I would be glad if he had liked it. Anyway, we've been busy on all fronts -- a counselor so he can deal with anxiety enough to even be willing to *go* to the school where we are now instead of flat-out refusing, us finding a place where we might live, and us getting the new school in our sights. My family tsk-tsks and talks about how in their day, kids had to tough it out, but our son is in a fetal position crying every school day and they don't have to deal with that. So it's adventure time again.

Husband is interrupting me with a need of some kind. Have a great week!

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