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Teen Bullying

Im a teenager and I really need help losing weight. during school, I would get bullied because I was fat. This is why I'm spending my supper trying to lose weight. but I get sad a lot and I noticed that I eat when I'm bored or sad. I really need to get this weight off of me. I need all the help I can get. :( Please help me
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I also forgot to mention that with loosing weight, your not going to see noticeable results overnight, and rarely in 1 week. You'll see results with constant regular exercise and eating right in a couple of months. It takes a while but it seriously pays off.

I worked out for 30 minutes everyday, ate right, and lost 6 to 8 pounds a month, which is a healthy recommended amount. But for each person it depends. If you burn more you will loose more in a month
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Hello Kevin!,

I suffered from bullying in school too, it was really bad and I was in PRIVATE school, weird right? A lot of people think that private school has more respectable students than regular public schools, but yeah no. I ended up changing schools in the last year of middle school and all the way through highschool. I was bullied, verbally and physically for how I looked, having no friends, and just being a normal old person. So I totally know how you feel, a long with tons of others that are here to help.
I was just like you, I was very unhappy with how I looked and I was determined to loose weight. I was overweight by 15-20 pounds and I managed to loose it all throughout my summer. I had to be strict with myself, eating good portions and not skipping meals. Most importantly I had to eat the right things, and I rarely cheated or indulged on sweets. For me, it was a struggle at first because all I ever wanted to do was eat all those yummy sugary treats! But after getting into the hang of things, I became used to it. Maybe you will too! I learned not to stuff myself and just eat to subside my hunger by eating the right portions. I never ate more than a recommended serving and soon my stomach got used to that. I also cut out ALL fast foods for example in my area we had McDonalds in every corner, but I promised myself to stop ALL of that. Now I can't even eat those foods or I get extremely sick. Also, cutting out a lot of junk food helped me feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Fast foods and all other junk had noticeably made me more depressed, but once I stopped eating that I felt so much better over time. My mind was more clear and relaxed.
One thing is for sure you need to know that in order to loose weight it's because YOU want to, regardless of what people have to say. You shouldn't change yourself for people. But if you really want to loose weight to be healthy and feel good about yourself, then YOU have to take charge and say "I'm going to do it!". You have to gain the willpower to stop eating junk because your sad and give yourself the motivation to exercise, get up and get moving or engage in a hobby because anyone can!

There isn't much to loosing weight, you got to eat right and exercise to get the weight off. You have to eat less calories than you burn, but that doesn't mean starving yourself. DO NOT starve yourself or you just end up gaining weight.

Also you should ask your parent/guardian to help you start buying more healthy foods/snacks to fill your house with only those kinds of things to eat.

I know my tips are all over the place but i'm sure you get it.
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