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Working out all the time but not losing weight

Im a 21 year old woman. I do at least an hour and a half of cardio everyday at least 6 days a week. I have been in the same routine for a few years so that might be a factor. My workout includes the eliptical on high resistance, occassionally the treadmill and sometimes weight training for my arms. I have not been able to lose anymore wieght and am wondering what I should be doing differently. I have been trying to loose around 30 pounds for a while now and have not been able to lose any weight. Any suggestions would be helpful.

thank you!
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Healthy diet and exercising is the best way. Don't use fat burners as they are having their sideeffects and also you can gain weight after using fat burners.
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When I was in my late teens I took five ballet lessons a week. I am small-boned and my normal weight is 115. But in late adolescence I went up to 140, very uncomfortable for someone with my build. With strenuous ballet I lost not one ounce. And this is why. I was going to college, working to pay for it, did not get enough sleep and ate very little. I preferred to put my money on ballet rather than food.

When I graduated and led a more normal life, I was eating more and sleeping more and, without dieting, dropped back to my normal weight.

I don't know what your lifestyle is. But if you don't sleep enough, or eat enough of the proper foods, your metabolism is adversely affected.
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hi, first question is how much r u drinking? and how much sleep and u getting? 8 glasses and 8 hrs? if ur not then this could be a factor explaining why ur not losing the weight. if u r then it might be like u sed tht ur exercise is the same. do u swim? its a great exercise for changing body shape and works those muscles well. r u stressed? if u r or u dnt hav an outlet for the daily hassle then this could stop you from losing weight. why not try changing ur diet a bit and see if tht makes a change?
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