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am i too fat and too short?

i'm 5'2 and close to 5'3. i am 13 years old and will be turning 14 in the end of December. i weight about 120lbs. my question is: am i fat and short?
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I am just shy of 5'3" and know that you are just right.  When I was your age I was around 105 and was too skinny.  Continue to eat right and get regular exercise and you will have a good chance of keeping yourself at a very good weight.
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I'd say probably neither............5'2 is not a bad height to be.  Below is a small bit from a height/weight chart.  So depending on your frame size, you could weigh anywhere from 108 - 143.......

Height                        Small Frame         Medium Frame        Large Frame
5'2"                                108-121                118-132                  128-143

If you eat well and get plenty of exercise, so you aren't getting flabby, you are about right........

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