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cardio/circuit training days?

I finally have my biggest loser workout series 1 so now i can do cardio but i also plan on continuing The Shred and another JM's DVD so im wondering i heard the Shred is not enough and you need cardio which im doing but do i need to do it the same day as The Shred? I'm trying to alternate days of cardio and circuit training, will this work or do i need to do cardio ALL 6 days?
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TY twehner!! Well the pre-set program said 6 days a week so i wasnt sure lol!! I just do whatever i feel like on that day lol but im starting 3 days cardio and 3 strength hopefully this works i sooo want to see my goal but right now i feel like a yoyo lol although i am happy all my clothes fit and stuff!! Oh i hope you are right i have needed toning for too long and i still feel so flabby even though clothes are fitting, I'm kinda scared my body wont snap bk in place LOL sounds funny like that but i hope i can keep toning as time goes on!!
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You can experiment with whatever works for you.  Some people, for instance, like to do at least 10 minutes of cardio to warm up b4 they do circuit training.

When I do strength-training, it is in the form of a 45 minute class, so the instructor includes at least 5 minutes of warm-up.  I do these classes 2 days per week.  I do cardio on the other days.  I lost 70+ lbs this way.  You do NOT have to do cardio 6 days/week to lose weight!  

Tone those muscles and you will lose inches!  
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