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OK here it is I am 31 yrs of age  and over the summer I went  from 125lbs to 168 in a matter of 2 weeks I eat right never after 5 i excercise and now i'm even drinking green tea unsweetened I keep putting on the pounds instead of losing weight...I have been to the doctor and he tells me its because i'm turning my weight into muscle how ever if it jiggles ITS NOT MUSCLE!!!  he also tested my sugar my thyroid  and said I am at a perfect level any idea y this is happening? and is there any thing I can do about it? its pretty sad when my 6 yr old son says mama u  have a big belly like lmoto moto in madagascar if any one has ideas on this or tips I would sooooo apreciate it :/
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I'd also be interested in the thyroid levels, only I'm much less interested in TSH, than I am the actual thyroid hormones, Free T3 and Free T4.  It's entirely possible to have a normal TSH, but not adequate hormones.  It's also possible that you could have an autoimmune thyroid disease, which could be destroying your thyroid and it just hasn't showed up in the labs.  If your doctor is testing *only* TSH, he's not helping you.

Ask for TSH (yes, it should be under 3.0), Free T3 and Free T4, as well as antibodies.  
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What level was a perfect thyroid level? Your TSH should be under 3 to be normal.  The old level was under 5 and some doctors still used that number.  

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