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how can we increase our weight normally?

my weight is only 55 kg how can I increase my weight up to 60kg within 20 days
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Hey thank you, special mom, I am "need to gain" type person but I am gaining my weight in healthy terms not in a unhealthy terms.
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Eat more food than you usually eat before as this is the easiest way to gain a couple of pounds. Never skip meals. Eat a lot of protein rich food, starchy food, eg. beans, pulses, eggs, fish, and meat and also potato, dairy products, almonds, low-fat cheese, and yogurt. Hit the gym three times at least. Avoid fats like red meat, margarine, etc. as they are bad for the health of your heart.
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Well, yeah, as I said, eat more.  But eating a lot of protein leads to short-term weight loss, not weight gain.  Long-term probably not, but if you add a lot of protein to your diet you are going to eat less carbs because you can only eat so much before you get sick.  If you truly just want to gain weight and don't care if it's healthful or not you would want to eat exactly the foods that are bad for your heart, as they are loaded with fat and calories and would lead to weight gain, and also on foods, such as the potatoes you mention, that are very high on the glycemic index and turn quickly into sugar when consumed and stored as fat if not quickly burned off.  So, eating yogurt, almonds and fish is very healthful, but these are foods associated with losing weight, not gaining it.  Just depends on what the poster is after, and so far the poster hasn't filled in any details, but again, if all the person wants is to gain weight, just eat more and focus on unhealthy food and you'll gain weight.  Won't be good for you, but it should work absent something quite wrong with the digestive system or metabolism.
Good advice andreaswood.  I'm glad you shared!  Are you of the "need to gain" type or the "need to lose" type?  
Hi Paxiled glad to read your comment you are absolutely right but we all are known that health is wealth gaining weight is not a goal of a person if a person eats only unhealthy foods in future they have suffer a lot of problems such as Diabetic, Cholesterol level problem, and many other hearts disease problem a persons goal is to live healthy life, not an unhealthy life. Eat lots of protein being a person healthy eating potato or other items increase a fat level. We regular use yogurt and almond or other items they manage the level of fats a lot of fat in the body contain a lot of diseases. So we manage our diet, not just a gaining of weight it will definitely make your posture bad or fatty in the future.
Well, again, there is no evidence that eating a lot of protein is healthy.  There is evidence that, short-term, eating a lot of protein might help with losing weight, not gaining it.  Of course, if you don't exercise at all and are sedentary and the protein you eat is, say, the fattiest meat, then yeah, you might gain weight, but not healthfully.  Potatoes are recommended to be eaten only in moderation, as again, they are one of the highest foods on the glycemic index and therefore while they might help you gain weight, not healthfully.  If you truly want to gain weight, and by that I mean just having more weight, not more muscle or get more toned but just want to gain, then in the short term you want to eat more carbs, not fewer.  It's not healthy, but the poster only says they want to gain weight and not why or how much or whether fat or muscle and has only 20 days to do it.  So if that's the goal, and I don't know why it is, then eat a lot of simple carbs and cut down on the protein.  The same would go for you -- if you eat lots of lean protein, it will in the short term probably result in weight loss, not weight gain, although in the long run it won't last and it might cause health problems down the road.  Long term studies keep being done, and keep showing the same thing -- the so-called Mediterranean Diet, which is basically what we were all taught to eat like -- balanced diet, low on animal fat, high on carbs like veggies and fruits, protein from fish, nuts, and legumes -- is the healthiest way to both eat and maintain a healthy weight.  All the others are fad diets that have not shown for most people to be healthy or effective.  While being skinny might not look as good as one would like, it's actually healthy, as it puts less stress on your organs as long as you're thin because that's how you just are genetically and you still eat enough and eat healthy foods and have plenty of strength and energy.  You should eat as you see fit, because really we're all in the dark about the best way to eat, but just advising the person who posted, your recommendations will more likely lead to weight loss, not weight gain.  Peace, all.
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I'm opposite and trying to go the other way.  Sigh. Which of us is better off, ha ha.  What about increasing what you eat in a healthy way?  Adding in some good for you fats and increasing your portion size a bit more.  Lift some weights too, that can add a bit of weight to your frame as well.  Why do you have just 20 days to gain weight?
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Used to be a guy on here, remember Gymdandee?  Used to get on me every time I made the mistake of saying adding muscle adds weight.  As he rightly said, while muscle is heavy, resistance training is a great way to lose fat, so you don't necessarily gain any weight.  You look better, but don't weigh more.  In fact, you would probably lose weight if, all other things staying the same, you engaged in a resistance program.
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You can't put a time limit on weight -- it's dependent on too many factors that make individuals very different.  You don't say why you want to gain weight or why it has to be in 20 days, but gaining weight is pretty easy if health isn't of any concern to you -- eat more and more and more until your body starts putting on fat.  It gets harder if you want to put on lean weight, because then you have to keep eating in a healthy way, but if all you want is to weigh more, eat more.  
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