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losing fat while gaining muscles

Hello everyone
English is my second language so I apologize for my grammar mistakes and spelling errors in advance.

I've started working out in the gym and currently Im in my second week. I work out 6 days per week (one day is just for resting) and I have no problem with lowering my calorie intake at all. I dont get cravings really and I eat one or two small meals per day.
I weight in at 82 Kg (about 180 pounds) and my height is 185 cms (about 6.1 feet) and right now my goal in this app is to lower my weight to 75kg (165 pounds) in one month and I already eat less calories than what the app recommends. But Im afraid my body will end up losing more muscles than fat and instead of losing my belly fat I end up losing more muscles turning my workout into a useless chore!
I eat multivitamin pills and get a b-complex shot every week to make sure my body gets enough vitamins but I dont have a proper diet to follow so I can make sure I will lose my body fat in a healthy way while still gaining muscle from the workout routine.

Can anyone help me with a good diet for this goal? Thank you all for your time and the help.
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We don't actually make up a diet for you, because I don't know what's available where you live... but I can tell you that 1000 calories/day is not enough for someone your size because you need more than that just to keep for your resting metabolism.  Also, you won't stay healthy very long by eating only eggs, potatoes and bread, because there are not nearly enough nutrients...

With so few calories/day, you could have lost 4 lbs of fat in a week, but there's a good change some of it was water; it's unlikely it was muscles, since you're working out every day, building muscle.

You need to eat 3 meals/day and make sure you get 5-7 servings of non-starchy vegetables... those can include greens, such as lettuce, spinach, kale, turnip greens, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes or any number of other vegetables - this will give you an idea, but it depends on what's available where you live.  Fresh is best, but if you can't afford fresh, then frozen is okay, too.  Canned veggies are least desirable but if you have to eat them, make sure they don't have added sugar or salt. Many vegetables have so few calories that you can eat almost unlimited amounts as long as they aren't covered in heavy or buttery sauces.

You need to have some protein with each meal; that can be the eggs, but you should eat the whole egg, because eggs are a really good source of protein, vitamin B-12, etc... Other good sources of protein are meat, chicken, fish, legumes/beans.  A serving of meat is approximately 3 ounces.  Meat is also a good source of iron and vitamin B-12, both of which are necessary for production of red blood cell and energy - with all that exercise, you'll need energy!!

You should include a serving of healthy fat in each meal... that would include oils, such as coconut or olive oil, olives, peanut oil or peanuts, avocados.  You can drizzle olive oil over a salad instead of dressing or use it to saute veggies, use coconut oil for flavoring in oatmeal, or in your tea in place of sugar...

You can snack on a variety of nuts, yogurt, raw veggies like carrots and celery with peanut butter.  A snack could be 1/2 cup raw veggies with 1 tbsp peanut butter or 1/2 yogurt.  Or an apple with the tbsp peanut butter.  Or a few nuts.  Make sure you stick with single servings - check the package to see how much is in a serving.

It this isn't specific enough, perhaps there's someone at the gym you go to that could help you come up with a balance diet, based on foods available where you are.

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Tyank you for your help and this detailed guide, I really appreciate it.
Im aware of the problems that comes with losing weight too fast, but since I dont really have a problem with not eating a lot of food, Im looking for a strict diet plan that provides what my body needs so I can lose the weight fast without putting my health in danger. I wont have a problem with keeping the weight off, because my goal isnt just to lose the weight but to lose the fat while I build muscles, so my gym workout will continiue for a year or two after I lose the extra fat so I can build an athletic body.

For now Im eating 1000 calories per day, and over the past week I have lost 4lbs in weight but I dont feel like that is from losing fat, I feel like its from losing muscle tissue..
That 1000 calorie I eat right now is from eating 4 hard boiled egg whites and one boiled potato in one meal, and another meal of scrambled eggs with a sweet tea and a little bit of bread in the morning.
Thats all I eat right now..and on top of it I work out 5 day per week in the gym (burning at least 1000 calories in those days)
So Im now worried that Im messing my metabolism up.
I smoke some week once every week without eating anything after, so it can increase my metabolism, but I know thats not a good solution.

I dont know how much of what stuff I should eat to keep things in balance. So my main problem isnt following a diet or a workout routine, my problem is not having a proper diet plan to follow..
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First off, 15 lbs is too much to lose in one week... safe weight loss is 1- 2 lbs/week or 4-8 lbs/month.  Losing too much weight, too quickly is not healthy and often ends with gaining it back...

You don't mention how many calories you're eating/day.  If you don't eat enough calories/day, your metabolism will actually slow down in order to conserve existing fat stores.

A proper diet is is one that includes plenty of vegetables that provide fiber and nutrients, lean protein that provides the basis for strong muscles, healthy fats that help metabolize many vitamins/minerals and help keep blood sugar levels stable.  Fruits have fiber and nutrients, but most also have a lot of sugar, so should be limited to one or two servings/day.  

Protein can come in the form of meats, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, etc.  Healthy fats include coconut and olive oils, organic butter, avocados, meat, nuts and seeds, etc...

It's better to get your vitamins/minerals from your diet, as much as possible vs taking a lot of vitamin/mineral supplements.  It's possible to eat a healthy diet and still lose weight.  The goal is to make lifestyle changes, that you can stick with from now on, so you'll not only lose the weight but will be able to keep it off...

Your diet will be based on foods available in your area...
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I forgot to mention my goal isn't to just lose weight, Im going for the athletic body and hopefully a six pack in three months. So my main goal is to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously.
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