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raw vegan lifestyle

I have read almost every article I can get my hands on pertaining to this topic. I absolutly love it and am excited to try it. Its a lifestyle, not a diet. You cant just eat that way, loose weight, then go back to eating the way you were... you have to make it a lifestyle. Iv read about "dead foods". These are foods like bread, grains, dairy, meat, and pastas... anything man-made. Natural foods are those that we can grow in the ground. these are known as "live-foods", and by eating dark green, leafy veggies, and nuts, you can get all the protein you need. Eating meat to get protein is in my opinion, not good, as the meat often has steroids, and growth hormons (which is what helps people get big muscles).
By eating "dead foods", we are slowly killing ourselves. Our hair turns gray, we turn weak, get deseases, die of heart attacks, heart disease, and die early. I have also heard of people eliminating health problems by eating this way. Try eating lots of veggies, nuts, fruits, and lots and lots of water! Your body will thank you!
please let me know if anyone has had success on this! I love hearing peoples stories on this topic =)
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i agree with you and im trying the same thing. i read alot on the subject and i think its the best thing for me. I suffer form anxiety and i think if i were to do this it would really help me out.
Please tell me how your quest is going cause i could use some support.
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First off -- a "diet" is what you eat -- whether it be for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance -- it's simply "what you eat" ---- good, bad or indifferent.  

Not all meat has steroids or growth hormones and it's not all bad.  Even cavemen ate meat and thrived on it.  

I would never advocate totally eliminating all of these food groups from your diet because a lot of vitamins and/or minerals come from meats, dairy products and whole grains.

If you eliminate complete food groups from your diet, it's much less likely that you will stick with it.  

One should only consider a "lifestyle change" as something you can live with from now on.  I don't know very many people who can live very long without the benefits of all the various food groups and remain healthy.  I've known a lot of people who have tried, but none who have been able to stick with it for any length of time and stay healthy.  

Too often, today, we want to lose weight without having to "work" for it.  Again -- even the cavemen worked - they ate until they were full; they hunted and gathered, which might have meant hours/days of walking and/or other physical exercise.  

It was when we decided that we could eat as much as we wanted without doing anything to work it off, that we got into trouble.  

I wish you luck with your endeavor.  

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