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So my biggest problem is staying away from the soda. What would be the best way to stay away??
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What about just drinking soda water to get that fizz taste still is that alright a glass of soda water and ice .
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  I use to never drink soda and then at one point I realized I was drinking it daily. Not only was I drinking it often, but the more you drink the thirstier you get AND you go from drinking one can a day to more really quickly! What helped me was as mentioned above, quitting it ALL TOGETHER. I started going back to green tea and water. If I wanted something sugary and to make sure I didn't break and/or over induldge later some apple juice helped.

    I think I read somewhere that habits take about 22 or so days to form. Try it out, mind over matter. I rarely drink soda now because I crave water or tea. At least now I can control myself unlike before lol, and thats what you will accomplish too if you try it out :)
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Soda is my crutch as well.  Really, it bothers me that I drink the amount of the stuff that I do....  Will Power!  That is what you need and it is hard to find sometimes....

You have to do everything you can to put the healthiest beverage choices in your reach at all times.  (I quit drinking soda for 45 days, just to do it.  I ended up LOVING water, which is what we should be drinking anyhow.)

There are a lot of ways to go about quitting.  Cold turkey.... or you could taper off.  In the end, its a matter of will power.
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Hello there,

The only way to stop drinking soda is to quit altogether. I used to drink
gingerale atleast once a week. I gave up all pop once I realized how much
sugar is in a glass of pop. Diet soda is even worse. Most diet soda
has an ingredient in it called Aspartame. Did you know that one of the
ingredients of aspartame is wood alchohol. No joke. I researched aspartame and discovered this. Wood alcohol is actually a poison. Also the more
diet soda you drink, the greater your craving for sugar is. Soda is also
very bad for your intestines. So, after what I've shared with you, do you
still want to drink soda?  I haven't had a soda in about two years. None.
I drink coffee, tea, water and fruit juice. Anyway, it's not that hard to give
up soda. Good luck. Eve
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