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trying to lose weight and build muscle

im 16 and im 120 pounds(although that could have changed since yesterday was thanksgiving haha) im 6'3 and im trying really hard to get my weight down...only issue is that this app i have for losing weight is saying i should only be eating 750 calories a day and so i do and then i try towwork out every day too. so the thing is that the amount pf calories i can consume to lose weight makes me tirred most of the time making lifting weights really hard...also it seems like dieting foods are not the same as building foods...idk what to do. do i have to choose between losing ten pounds and gaining muscle? (oh and i dont eat sweets i eat carbs on rare occasion i eat mostly organic and i dont eat red meat or poultry)
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I'm concerned about you.  Sixteen, 6'3", and 120 pounds.  Why would you want to lose any weight?  As is you are under weight.  Your tired because your not getting enough calories from the foods that you do eat.  Lifting weight requires muscle and you can't develop muscle by loosing anymore weight.
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Are you really a female?  6'3" tall and only weigh 120 pounds?  If all that is correct, you don't need to lose weight; you're already too thin.

750 calories is not nearly enough food and you can't maintain that; your body will start holding onto what little bit of fat you have, in order to protect itself.  

Sounds like you eat well enough -- remember, though that lean cuts of red meat and chicken are very good for you, as they have high levels of protein, which is the building block for muscle;  without protein you won't build muscles.  These are also some of the best sources of vitamin B-12, which is essential for good energy.

As far as the app is concerned, you might have your goal dates too close together.  If you're telling that you want to lose more than 1-2 pounds/week, it won't calculate properly; no will it calculate properly if you don't really need to lose weight.

Sounds like you should continue eating properly and concentrate on building your muscle.  Make sure you have some lean protein with every meal/snack as that's what helps keep you full longer and as I already said it's the building block for muscle.
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