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unexplained weight gain

recently a few weeks ago, i noticed i was gaining a littel weight after staying at 48 kilos for years. i have been keeping a strict diet of fresh salads, cooked vegetables, small amount of sweets, etc. (i'm sure i'm not exceeding 1000 calories a day) and exercising almost every day at the gym (spinning, aerobics, dance, etc.). instead of losing weight i've put on 2 kilos! can't figure out why this is happening!
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Quite possibly, you aren't eating enough calories; or the right kind of calories.  Your body needs so much food for energy and if you don't provide enough, your body will "conserve" the fat you have.  

Additionally, you might want to have your thyroid tested; one of the major symptoms of hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) is weight gain.  Insulin resistance will also cause weight gain.
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hi barb135 - thank you so much. this makes so much sense now that i've read about hypothyroidism on the Net. will follow up with my physician.
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