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weight loss help

I need help losing 15 pounds in 2 months and keeping it off. Also, I dont know if my weight is healthy if im a 15 year old girl, 130 pouds, and 5 feet 4 inches.
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ok thank you so much for the help
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I agree that at 15, you don't need to lose 15 pounds.  Your body is still developing and extreme weight loss can be harmful.

As ducky said, be sure to get plenty of exercise, starting off slowly.  Make sure you take your measurements prior to starting, since exercise will build muscle, which is denser than fat, so you should lose inches, as opposed to pounds.  Gaining muscle should not cause you to gain weight; however, some people do gain when first starting out.
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1: 15lbs in 2 months is almost 2lbs a week. That is very fast weight loss which is difficult and can be dangerous.

2:  you're young and probably still growing, so any weight loss can be dangerous if not done without consulting a doctor.

3: I don't think you need to loose weight period. Using your sex, height and weight the BMI calculator I use says you're at 22BMI. A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. So you have a good healthy weight, especially considering you're still growing. Also BMI are just an average and if you are physically active your fat percentage might be very low so this BMI might not be the best idecator for your health.

4: Loosing 15 lbs would place you at 19.7 BMI. This is still in normal range true, but like I said BMI needs to be taken with a grain of salt so this may not be healthy for you. If you get to be underweight your body will show it and not in any good way. You will stop menstruating, your hair, nails, skin and eyes will be brittle, dull, and unhealthy. You might suffer from brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, etc. Before considering this talk to a dr because this seems very dangerous for someone who is still growing.

Now you can still get healthy. Avoid packaged, high processed foods. Eat 2-3 fruits a day, try to drink almost 2 liters of water in a day, have lots of veggies (5+ serves), lean meats, whole grains, and low fat dairy. Your body needs some fats these can be in lean meat and dairy but avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds like flax seed are good healthy sources of fats. Eat every meal- skipping a meal is very unhealthy and can make you gain weight. It's also a good idea to put in a couple snacks in a day so between lunch and dinner try having a yogurt, boiled eggs, fruit, etc. (something light, but filling).

Exercise between 30minutes and 2 hours a day for 5-6 times a week. If you're just starting out go for 30 because too much can put stress and weight on your body; same reason for having at least one day of rest. Also keep in mind gaining muscle will cause you to gain weight but loose inches so if you become very active you might gain some weight but fit into smaller clothes. Now if you try to exercise by walking/running/jogging around your neighborhood just be safe. Wear bright clothes that are easy to see and avoid dangerous areas. It might also be a good idea to see if a friend, family member or even a pet would want to be a jogging buddy. This will give you accountability and as well as keep you a bit safer.
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