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4 months postpartum

Feeling baby movement at 4months pp.. is this normal? I swear I felt my hand move lastnight too when I was feeling for it on my stomach... I am on nexplanon bc. I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but it keeps crossing my mind.. my boyfriend thinks I'm over exaggerating but I don't think so!! I was spotting for the longest time but now I haven't bled at all for 2 weeks! Anyone experience the same? Or similar?
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Well, second babies are felt sooner than first.  Is that what you are asking? If you suspect your birth control is not working. go ahead and take a pregnancy test! Stranger things have happened.
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Well I'm not sure if it's gas bubbles and I'm thinking Its a baby? I have no clue... I did have sex before my 6 week pp check and bc so I guess I should just test and see!
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