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Missed Period

I have kind of an odd situation.

I had complete unprotected sex December 16th. I thought I was safe, because my period (or what I thought was my period) came on the 22nd, 6 days later.

Now its February 4th, and I have missed my period. I have been super emotional, but other than that I feel normal.

Is it possible to be pregnant even though I thought I had my period at the end of December?
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Well, there are women who would swear to you that they had a period in their first month of pregnancy. It wouldn't technically be a period, but vaginal bleeding can sometimes happen. Have you had sex after December 22? Have you taken a pregnancy test? If you haven't had sex since before the bleed, any pregnancy test should show a pregnancy by now if you are indeed pregnant.  Of course, if you had sex after the 22nd (or a few days later) then you could have gotten pregnant then.
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