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Aftermath of Rephresh Gel

I used Rephresh Gel on 2/8/19 because I suspected I had BV, I didn't pay attention until 2 days later that there was white discharge and today 2/12/19 it's still there almost clumpy like. Could this be a side effect of Rephresh Gel or BV?  
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The usual way women guess that they might have BV is a bad odor, especially right after their period. I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say they had white discharge associated with BV. So, in answer to your question of whether white discharge could be a side effect of BV, my guess would be no. But the part of what you are saying that puzzles me is why did you think Rephresh Gel would do anything at all to cure BV? BV is a bacterial infection, and is not solved by gels that are basically designed to make the vagina smell fragrant. A clumpy white discharge could be a yeast infection. Have you tried a yeast-infection product from the pharmacist? If you have and you still have a problem, you might check in with your ob/gyn and get swabbed.
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I used Rephresh given that I had an odor after sex or because of oral sex or both (which sex was protected). The smell was similar to a previous smell I've had before with BV. I was uncertain if the vinegar like smell was from BV or just my pH balance being thrown off. No I haven't tried any yeast infection products, I was reading that some women have experienced with the product but I wanted to ask for myself.
I think BV's smell is not usually described as like vinegar; it is often described as extremely smelly; "a foul-smelling, fishy odor." Women complain they can smell themselves when sitting in a chair in regular, clean clothing.

On the other hand, the discharge related to a yeast infection is often described as clumpy and white.

Luckily, yeast-infection products are available at every drugstore and even a lot of grocery stores, where if you do have BV, you need to go to the doctor for antibiotics.
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The discharge of BV is often whitish, grey and watery.  That you used rephresh was not a good idea. Washing out the vagina can actually make matters worse because it washes out the good flora we need for balance.  White discharge is okay unless it smells bad or you are itching.  You can always have the discharge swabbed to find out exactly what it is which might not be a good idea in this case.  Let us know how it goes.
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