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Anteroposterior diameter of uterus

Change of ap diameter of uterus from 3.1cm to 4.5cm within a month. What can be the reason??? Does ap diameter change with menstrual cycle??
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So, the diameter of the uterus would change for different reasons but I have to ask why you are having it measured month to month. ?  I think the only time they measured my uterus was during pregnancy to see if it was growing.  Are you able to feel it enlarging or bulging?  Things that can cause it are pregnancy, obviously.  But also fibroids?  Ever been diagnosed with those? Usually you have other symptoms if you have fibroids like bleeding.  There is something called adenomyosis which is when the endometrium (uterine lining) grows into the uterine wall tied to estrogen production.  This also normally has heavy bleeding associated with it and cramping.  And I guess cancer could be a concern.  (but let's not go there until we have to).  

Anyway, you have been very anxious about things for quite some time.  You are not pregnant from what I recall from your other posts.  Maybe talk to a doctor about anxiety.  good luck
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Thanks u have really been of help.  From that pregnacy scare. I was complaining of adominal pain. That’s when i had the 1st abdominopelvic scan, and was diagnosed of enteritis.  After a month i was still having the pain and i had another abdominopelvic scan. From the result that’s when i noticed the change in the ap diameter.
From both the result, uterus normal size, anteverted, empty cavity, normal endometrial thickness, no fibroid, ovaries normal size with no cyst, adnexae/pod free, no mass, no fluid collection. Its just the ap diameter that changes, my period is close can that be the reason? And i’m on omeprazole 40mg daily.
Ah, I understand.  Under the circumstances you describe, then yes.  I'd say this is normal expansion due to oncoming period.  Hang in there sweetie!
Thank you
That’s error on their part. Its 3.5cm.
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